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This tour company is fabulous! I was hesitant and not quite sure what to expect but  loved every part of it – the other women travelers, our Tour Guide, accommodations – I will be on another trip soon!
JoAnn from California

It was a wonderful trip and it was very well planned. All the women were lovely, and I had a fantastic time.
Marie from Pennsylvania

This was an amazing trip – fun and educational. I appreciate all the care and time that went into planning every detail of this wonderful trip. Renata was the best. The trip was so much more meaningful because of her willingness to share her experiences &her knowledge of the history /area.
Meg from Oregon

Everything was so well organized and easy. Becky was low keyed, efficient and friendly, and Teddy was a fantastic guide: personable, knowledgeable and fun! Iceland is a wonderful country, it’s so peaceful, clean and welcoming, and the landscape is absolutely stunning. You didn’t have to think about anything, just enjoy.
Sydney from Alabama

I wanted to thank you and Sights and Soul for providing a beautiful, active trip to Iceland. It was effortless on my part, well planned with wonderful activities and sights.
Carolyn from Idaho

It was a phenomenal experience – exceeded my expectations by 100%! We couldn’t have had a better guide or local tour guides. The “extra experiences” Sights and Soul offered – a vineyard picnic, cooking with the chef, were over the top.
Nina from South Carolina

The tour was extremely well organized. I didn’t have to think about any arrangements. Loved the hotel and restaurant selections, and I appreciated all the information sent before the trip. So happy to travel with only 14 people: the women enjoyed being together and watched out for one another.
Gloria from Maryland

Thanks to Sights and Soul I definitely caught a travel bug. The Greece tour was fantastic. It was my second Sights and Soul tour (I did Eastern Europe last year), and Greece has always been a dream destination of mine, so my expectations were very, very high - and it still exceeded them by a lot. It will be hard to top! And Becky was fantastic – she was calm, organized, and professional, but she was also nice and really fun to hang out with. By the end of the tour, I felt like she was a friend I’d want to travel with again.
Andrea from Ohio

I want to thank you for creating your superb tour, the Jewels of Eastern Europe. This tour was one of the best travel experiences of my life. I particularly appreciated how you created a sense of community and comradeship early on by getting us to introduce ourselves by email. And then there was Marta, wow, this woman is the Michelangelo of tour leaders, in the way she set the tone of the group and the way she guided and led us so professionally, with such genuine care and concern, always calm and unflappable, so patient with each one of us. Her whole focus was on creating the very best experience she could for each of us every single day, it was all about us.
Janifer from Victoria, Australia

I just returned from my fourth Sights and Soul tour to Eastern (Central) Europe and I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate the care and quality you put into these trips.  Having worked as a quality professional throughout my career, I have very high standards and am often disappointed with the services provided by companies today.  Sights and Soul Travels not only does not disappoint, but exceeds my expectations every time.  The weather sometimes does not cooperate, but everything under your control is always well planned, organized and executed.  The hotels, food, itineraries and local guides are great and I cannot say enough about the caring tour directors who always go above and beyond to make sure each tour is the trip of a lifetime.  It is rare for someone to care as much as you do and I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!
Karen from Florida

I have nothing but great things to say about this tour: from food, hotels and the varieties of experiences, this trip was spectacular. Clearly Sights and Soul Travels does their homework. Becky, the tour leader was the epitome of patience. No questions was ever asked too often. She gave clear directions, was always there for every traveler.
Joan from New York

I loved this tour! The combination of natural beauty, artistic perfection, wonderful cities and small towns was just great. Each day brought more adventures to be excited about. The hotels, especially in Bruges, were wonderful. Adored Grand Casselburg Hotel. Food was glorious. The restaurants were so well chosen, great food and atmosphere. Finally, what a great group of women were on this tour! I’ve made a bunch of new friends with whom I look forward to traveling.
Amy from Massachusetts

This tour was amazing, from the food, sights, smells and the group of people. I have wanted to see the Netherlands and Belgium for as I can remember, and this trip exceeded my expectations and will be the trip I will always remember. Marta was amazing. She brought the tour to life and has the patience of a saint!
Tiffany from Wisconsin

Everything about this trip was well planned, the hotels, the restaurants, the activities, the sights, our tour leader – all outstanding.
Cynthia from Pennsylvania

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than being there is worth a million. This was an exceptional trip. I was swept over with emotion at the beauty of the tulip fields and the flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens. The entire tour was one great experience after another, I will definitely go with Sights and Soul Travels again. Thanks again to Marta, she was a wonderful tour guide.
Beverly from Florida

The tour was very well run and informative. Angela has a wonderful spirit. Her enthusiasm is contagious.
Gayle from Oregon

The trip was Awesome! Marvelous! Fantastic---as always. The choices of activities, accommodations, and restaurants were superb. On a scale of 10, this trip gets an 11. Thank you and many thanks to Marta who made this trip a success. The choreographing of schedules is complex and Marta made it seamless and transparent and did so cheerfully. She is a real pro at herding cats! I can't wait for the next trip with Sights and Souls.
Connie from Oregon

It was great! Loved the day trips and exposure to new parts of the Spanish culture. I know so much more about Spain now. Kerry was a great tour leader. Friendly and handled every detail of traveling . She fit in as a friend, who had answers to most every question, and took care of the details that would have been intimidating to me – navigating train stations and metro systems, handling hotels. It was so relaxing knowing that she will handle all the details.
Kathy from Ohio

It was the perfect mix of history, culture & fun. The incredible food and drink didn’t hurt, either. Kerry went out of her way to make sure everyone had the best time possible & didn’t have to worry about anything.
Beverly from Maryland 

It was great. I was in awe of the sights, culture and food, and I can’t wait for the next tour! Kerry was very personable, she did a very good job as a tour leader.
Diane from Texas

I am sad to leave Portugal! I have had a  wonderful time visiting and exploring the history, delicious  seafood and my favorite custard tarts (Nata!). Angela was a  lovely host and I had a very relaxing time! The quaint  coastal town of Cascais was my favorite! I could live there. Portugal was definitely the hidden gem which exceeded all my  expectations in a vacation destination! 
Muito Obrigada! beijihno and besos
Julie from California

Loved it! Learned so much about the culture, religion, and history. Great experience.
Laura from Tennessee

Becky was a great tour director. The local guides were excellent. The accommodations (especially Kapama) were wonderful, as were all of the staff! I celebrated my 60th b'day while at Kapama and Becky made it very special + memorable, and I was absolutely surprised when the staff sang, danced and made me an awesome b'day cake!
Sylvia from Virginia

Walking through castles was intriguing, the dining and hotels were superior, the Christmas markets atmosphere was magical, Renata was a fantastic tour leader, and the fellowship of new friends with like desire to travel made it a perfect vacation.
Cathy from Oklahoma

This tour was one of the best travel experiences I have ever had. Everything was top-notch from the tour organization, leader + local guides, quality of accommodation + total experience. I compared a number of tour companies before deciding to travel to Peru with Sights + Soul. The quality of the experience – sites visited, guides, hotels, etc., provided good value.
Nancy from Ontario

I experienced so many wonderful new things it would be hard to single out one best thing. Each day brought something new. I had so longed to experience Peru that I just literally soaked it all up. Marlene was great! She went above and beyond what I thought a tour leader would do. In general, this tour exceeded my expectations! I learned so much and got to experience so much of the culture of Peru!
Rexanna from Missouri

This was my 1st time out of the US & the experience was great for a travel beginner. We were kept in the loop leading up to the trip & all concerns and questions were answered. Renata was Awesome! Loved It! I can’t wait for my next trip.
Shirley from California

I travelled with my daughter and we had a great time. We were on the go the whole time, and Renata made sure we were happy. She did this from the beginning to the end of the trip. She made us all feel like we were the only one traveling with her, and made every person feel welcome. I had no stress only enjoyment.
Elizabeth from Ontario

My first women-only tour – very unique and fun. What was the best experience? Everything! My sister and I had a ball sightseeing and being with everyone! Renata was great. Even when we had local guides, she always had something interesting to add. Smart lady!
Candy from Florida

Peru was the trip of a lifetime. Marlene was wonderful – could not have been better. I love traveling with SST.
Karen from Florida

The Peru trip was excellent. Marlene was awesome. Always looking out for us, addressed any concerns, and stayed calm in all situations. The entire tour was fantastic. The hotels were perfect and the agenda was packed, so I saw everything I wanted to see, too!
Julia from New York

A once in a lifetime experience. Money well spent. Had access to artists and events in Kyoto and Tokyo usually not available to other tours. Great group of women to travel with.
Melissa from Georgia

The Japan tour was everything I had hoped for and more. We had experiences vs. just “seeing the sights”. I also enjoyed meeting the other women. Please keep this approach to your tours!
Marilee from Georgia

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Peru - the people, the food and the sights were fabulous.  On a side note, the hotel in Cusco was outstanding - I loved the blend of old and new. Marlene was a great tour leader.  She is patient, enthusiastic and always upbeat! Thank you for arranging such an interesting tour!
Pam from Alberta

I can’t say enough about the Peruvian trip. Marlene’s enthusiasm and the local guides made the trip very special. The Peruvian accommodations were excellent since I so believe in nature conservation and environmental protection. The theme of Andean Women’s Culture was woven throughout and very evident.  The visits to see the ancient native communities of Cuyuni and the Uros reed isles people were outstanding. The food was delicious (best & most consistent of any trips I can remember) since I could tell no pesticides or artificial chemicals. The Andean scenery, animals and botanical flowers were a sight to behold. I took over 600 photos.  We were blessed with very good weather. The group of ladies were varied and fun. I made some special friendships. I came home satisfied and a smile on my face that I had seen/learned everything I had expected and much MORE.
Lou from Florida

Kerry was a fantastic tour leader. She has a great problem solving ability (a record rainfall in Buenos Aires), great sense of humor and a positive attitude. I would love to travel with her again.
Arnetta from Florida

Loved it! It was a trip of a lifetime, and I’m so glad I decided to book with Sights and Soul. The places we visited and the people we met along the way in Argentina couldn’t have been better, and I enjoyed it all. Kerry was ever helpful, and we had plenty of issues (rain and delays), and she handled them all with class and great skill.
Julia from California

When you talk to new clients who are hesitant about travelling with Sights & Soul, feel free to have them contact me and I will be more than happy to endorse your trips.  Travelling with you and the other tour leaders has been absolutely wonderful for me.
Barbara from Missouri

Thank you to all the Sights & Soul Travel folks for producing this amazing experience in France!! And a special Thank You for being very responsive to our needs. Your care & concern for your clients & staff shine through all you do. See you again on the adventure trail.
Mary Ann from Pennsylvania

I am so glad I took the leap and traveled with SST. This was my first travel abroad and it couldn’t have been easier. Hotel and their staff were great and Rome was fairly easy to navigate on your own during free time. Our tour director couldn’t have been nicer; she was actually one of us in spirit.
Linda from Texas

I had a wonderful time and finally understood why girls like summer camps.
Kathy from Vermont

Austria tour was a great value, I got much more than I expected. Renata was an excellent trip leader. She was warm and friendly, always in a professional way, I really enjoyed her leadership and expertise on this trip.
Jean from New York

Such a great tour!! Poland is a well-kept secret. Fascinating history, beautiful cities and countryside, delicious food, inexpensive shopping. Lovely group of women. And Marta is terrific! Warm, friendly and caring. I hope I get a chance to travel with her again.
Lynne from Massachusetts

I really enjoyed the wine tasting and picnic in the vineyard, but meeting 12 amazing women was the best! Becky was awesome. She took time to get to know all of us & went out of her way to make our experience the best it could be.
Jackie from New Jersey

Love it! Love it! Love it! I love traveling with your groups, will always. You choose the most talented tour leaders (patient), food, attractions, all are 1st class all the way, down to transportation. I will never travel with another group.
Dean from Texas

I have traveled around the world with many different companies & Sights+Soul is right at the top with staff, itinerary, experiences and value. There were so many peak experiences in France that it is impossible to pick one, but if pressed it would be the “amazing” Becky!
Mary Ann from Pennsylvania

It was a trip of a lifetime. I wake up every day thinking I may have dreamed it. It was perfect in every day.
Kimberly from New Hampshire

I loved the variety of activities on the Austria tour: museums, boat rides, ice caves, a concert, cable car rides, and a cog-wheel railroad trip! And this was one of the nicest groups of women I’ve ever traveled with. No whiners, no complainers, no primadonnas. Everyone was friendly, inclusive and punctual.
Annika from Illinois

I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know what a great trip and experience the France 2 trip was for me.  From my initial decision to select your company for the trip to everything since then, it has been one of the best travel decisions I've made.  I also wanted to let you know that Becky Ballering is a wonderful tour guide - she made the experience so easy and fun for all of us.  Thanks to you and your team at Sights and Souls!  I hope to travel again with you in the future.
Marilyn from Texas

We do a lot of traveling. We have traveled with many, many tour operators. S+S compares very favourably. Good planning info was provided. The guide was informed + welcoming, and she dealt with the inevitable “hiccup” very well. We would very much consider another S+S tour.
Kathy from Ontario

The tour exceeded my expectations. Paris and the Provence was a beautiful experience and Becky was always  kind, thoughtful and considerate. Her help in every instance was much appreciated by myself and everyone else on the tour.
Betty from Manitoba

Ireland was wonderful. The friendly Irish people, the ancient landmarks and great experiences (Riverdance, story-telling and music, Newgrange, Dingle Peninsula) made this a 5-star tour! I especially enjoyed Tadgh, our driver/guide. He was so interesting, informative and funny, too. Joan was just a top-notch tour leader, always upbeat and pleasant! She kept us on schedule and informed. Hope to travel with her again!
Rose Ann from Texas

Thank you for a fabulous trip, Marta is a wonderful guide and so was Greg, when my head clears I will write more (jet lag). You did not leave anything out. I have been on many tours this was one of the best. As were the guides.
Shirley from Maryland

I'm back in California... and sharing my memories of this most educational trip with friends and family.  Who would have thought that Poland is a culinary destination!  Marta did an outstanding job.... Everyone we met was friendly and hospitable.  Loved the variety of experiences we had....rafting, horse and carriage rides, major cities and the gorgeous Tatra Mtns....lots of history...
Marna from California

Poland was fabulous. I was always reluctant to go on a group tour, but this was more like traveling with a bunch of friends. Thanks for planning such an excellent experience and thank you so much to Greg, and of course Marta, for being such outstanding guides and travel companions.
Debby from Maryland

Wonderful experience, great companions on the tour. Restaurants and hotels were very good. I really enjoyed Croatia, and would love to return someday. This is my second tour with Sights and Soul, and I thoroughly enjoyed both tours.
Susan from Florida

I wanted to take a moment to send you a quick email and let you know how much of an awesome time we both had in Ireland, Joan was a wonderful leader and a true pleasure to travel with. I had a fabulous time, and cannot wait until the next trip!
Joanne from Maryland

Croatia is a beautiful country with excellent food + wine. This tour provides a mix of history + culture but the highlight for me was the two days visiting the islands near Split and Dubrovnik. The water + sun are a beautiful combination. Add in a group of adventurous ladies + Renata, a great tour guide – it was a perfect vacation!
Beverley from Alberta

We very much enjoyed the whole experience, much of which was the idea of a small group of women travelling together.  Our tour guide, Marta, was first class not only in her knowledge of the cities we visited but in her very expert care she took of all of us. Your choice of hotels was excellent including accommodations, location and service; the staff in Budapest could have been a little friendlier.  We loved it that all hotels were close to the city's vibrant sections for shopping, exploring and eating. Probably the biggest surprise were the amazing lunches and dinners; wonderful food with very generous menu choices in interesting and varied places, all in historic buildings. Certainly they were among the highlight of the trip.
Marcia from New York

One of the best experiences of my life. A diverse and wonderful group of women made it extra special, and Becky was fantastic. Her love of travel and enthusiasm are contagious. 
Deborah from British Columbia

Greece was a blissful experience! My mom and I had a blast. Your company provided us with a wealth of historical information, fine dining and beautiful scenic views from our hotel rooms. Our tour guide, Becky, was compassionate, resourceful, and a wonderful hostess!
Tabbitha from Louisiana

I want to thank you, Becky and everyone at Sights and Soul Travels for making our Greek tour such a memorable experience.  I already miss all of the other women that I got to know on the trip and will never forget all of the exciting excursions, tours, boat rides, meals and shopping expeditions we packed into 10 short days.  I look forward to traveling again with Sights and Soul Travels in the near future!
Judy from Maryland

Becky did a superb job but it should have been called a foodies tour. From selecting each lunch item as we walked the Latin quarter, to the numerous wine, chocolate and tapenade tastings, the cooking class with a one star Michelin chef and lunch in a vineyard I felt I was in a dream and didn't want to wake up.  In addition, our seats at the Moulin Rouge were excellent. Even the rain cooperated. Thanks to everyone who made this tour a huge success.
Lori from Missouri

The trip was fantastique, magnifique, and way exceeded my expectations. The French were pleasant and helpful, the food phenomenal, the activities were educational, exciting, and I enjoyed every minute. Becky deserves a great amount of credit for herding us  around a foreign country, keeping us organized and happy. Marlene was a fabulous tour guide. She has so much knowledge and was fun to be with.  It is hard to place things in 1st or 2nd place but one of my most favorite experience was the picnic at Eddie Feraud's vineyard. Everything else is just a different shade of 1st place! It was a long 28 hour trip back home but worth every minute. I look forward to my next trip with Sights and Souls.
Connie from Oregon

The Vietnam tour exceeded my expectations. The itinerary was excellent, well thought out and executed beautifully. Lunch @ the architect’s home was very special, loved the foodie tour in Saigon, and the setting for lunch on the Mekong was beautiful.
Jane from New York

The S&S Africa trip was an adventure of a lifetime!  The word that came to mind daily was "awesome" and it really did not describe all the great things we did and saw up close!!!  Cape Town, Kapama Southern Camp and Victoria Falls...they were all wonderful. Deon, our Cape Town guide was the best ever.  Betheul, my Kapama Ranger, was great at telling stories and he taught us so much about the animals.  We saw them all!  It was an amazing experience. Victoria Falls and our sunset cruise down the Zambezi River was a nice end to an amazing adventure!  The hippo family was great to see.  I will be talking about this trip for years to come.  Great job Yolanta!  Sights and Soul continues to be my first choice when I'm looking for a great destination and well planned itinerary.
Suzanne from Virginia

It was all fantastic and Renata was fabulous. She made everyone comfortable, made sure to include and consider everyone's opinion and put everyone at ease. Being in Germany at Christmastime was like being in a real life Christmas card.
Tammy from New Jersey

A truly wonderful experience, providing exposure to the beauty of Lake Como and the grandeur of Venice!
Cheryll from Maine

I love traveling with you because I know you will choose some of the best sightseeing and food experiences for us, and I trust your choices in hotels. I know I will get a good overview of a destination. It’s a pleasure to learn from local guides who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. When we go to a crowded site, we usually get in the express lines.
Jan from Illinois

This was my third S+S tour and it lived up to my expectations. A good combination of guided tours + free time. Our lunch in Verona was a highlight. Met a great group of like-minded women travelers.
Nancy from Virginia

I had a fabulously fun time on my first organized group tour!  It was truly enjoyable and EVERYTHING went superbly well from the flights, transportation, hotels, weather, guides, itinerary, food, food, wine, prosecco, wine, cheese, wine, new friends!  There were definitely a lot of laughs and high spirits..  and Joan was the host with the most! 
Julie from California

We loved Lake Como, and we loved the hotel and the special view we had there. I will never forget the wonderful group we were part of – they are so very special to me, every one of them – you brought us all together and it was magic!!
Beverley from Massachusetts

This was absolutely the trip of a lifetime, and I want to thank everyone involved for making my first trip abroad so great. Knowing that everything was so well coordinated made it possible for me to truly enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland.
Heather from Maryland

This was my first all-women’s tour and I loved that, plus the small group. It was great to stay in one place for 5 nights and have everything so well arranged.
Sandy from Tennessee

I cannot say enough about how much my daughter and I enjoyed our tour to Paris and Provence with Becky as our guide. The trip was beyond all expectations, it was truly more than Olivia and I could have imagined. If we had tried to see France on our own, we never would have explored so much diversity or met such fabulous locals and seen so much of what France is known for. It was a pleasure to have met women from all over the States and share stories and lots of laughter. I cannot wait to take my next trip with my daughter, Hannah through your fantastic travel company.
Karen from New York

I think that the Eastern Europe tour was fabulous in every way. The restaurants that we attended as a group were wonderful and loads of fun. Marta was always attentive and very knowledgeable about the tour cities.
Beth from New York

Everything was wonderful! Ireland is a glorious place to visit. The tour itinerary was perfect! Becky and our local guides were knowledgeable, flexible and fun! The hotels were interesting and first rate! the food was gourmet and delicious! Four stars! And the women who made up our group were charming, wonderful, independent, and terrific traveling companions! I loved every minute! Will absolutely do another trip with SST!!
Monica from Ohio

The tour was well balanced to cover all interests, well organized for peace of mind and the women in the group were fabulous traveling companions.
Karen from Florida

The trip was wonderful! I enjoyed every Irish adventure, everyday. Our bus driver was a fantastic storyteller, and I learned so much about Irish culture. The women on the tour were a great group. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!
Gene from Virginia

The  London and the English Countryside tour was a wonderful expierence. The amazing itinerary, beautiful hotels and incredible food were made even better by the companionship of great women. I will definitely travel with Sights and Soul again. Also, I think that the samll, personal touches added so much to the overall experience. A birthday card, luggage accessories, and friendly, prompt e-mail replies were wonderful. I appreciated all the detailed information that was provided throughout the process. Can't wait to travel with you again!
Ronda from Texas

It was a terrific opportunity to travel with other solo travelers and have company and good comeraderie.
Lynne from Massachussetts

It was a wonderful and excellently planned tour of a beautiful and historic country. Good company, excellent tour guide and lots of fun. I will definitely consider S&S Tours for any future trips.
Rosemarie from Ohio

You do everything upscale. I like that. From the moment you land until you take off for home. Everything is well planned and everything is the best that there is.
Meg from New York

I totally enjoyed Iceland and would do it again in a heartbeat!
Karin from North Carolina

Considering this was my first European vacation, I had the greatest experience and now I want more. We saw a lot of the country given the fact that it was only 10 days. I loved every minute of it. The ladies were great and Becky was fabulous.
Theresa from Ontario

I thought it was a well planned trip. It is so good to be able to experience travel safely with other women.
Gloria from Arizona

I have wanted to visit Ireland for 20 years and the wait was worth it! The 3 hotels were very different and each was special in its own way. Becky + the local guides were great, and the ladies in the group were an interesting + fun group! Thanks to everyone who made this trip such a great experience.
Sarah from Wisconsin

The England tour was amazing from start to finish, far surpassing my expectations! My memories will always include the ladies in the group and Becky, our tour leader!
RoseAnn from Texas

At first I was cautious about selecting a tour off the Internet. The informative web site and several write-ups in travle magazines convinced me to give it a try. The trip was so well organized and becky was just super. Loved it!
Faye from Michigan

Austria was beautiful, clean and friendly. The tour hit the best of Austria with the mountains, lakes, Salzburg and Vienna, delicious food and quaint towns. Highly recommend. Renata was great! She was so knowledgeable about the history of Austria, I was amazed. She was also upbeat, positive and very organized.
Lori from Missouri

Absolutely wonderful. Ireland is beautiful. Yolanta and Becky created our unforgettable tour. I cried when I left and I wasn't the only one.
Sheila from Montana

Loved it. The group size, the selection of hotels, restaurants and itinerary are all awesome.
Karen from Delaware

I enjoyed the Amalfi Coast very much. I loved our Hotels and the food. I loved the guides and our tours. The tour leader was very good and always made sure we all knew when and where we were to meet each day. I loved all of the towns that we visited. The tour of the buffalo mozzarella farm was fun as was the private boat ride.
Linda from Massachusetts

Thank you so much for choosing such a wonderful person such as Teresa to lead our group through Italy! She always had a smile on her face, cheery words and an upbeat attitude, all the attributes required by a great leader. Visiting Italy and seeing all the sights and participating in all the activities you put together were excellent. My soul is rejuvenated!
Barb from Missouri

I just returned from the Amalfi Coast tour- what a wonderful experience!!! Renata did a fabulous job as our "fearless leader." She has the patience of a saint! I hope to take another tour with her in the future.
Sarah from Wisconsin

I cannot express how much this trip meant to me. Not only was the scenery incredible, the weather perfect, shopping fun, but the company was priceless.
Kathy from Georgia

I did have a great time. (I'm not just saying that...really) Thank you for providing an experience that showed us the contrasts of Moroccan life - the cities, the mountains, villages, the great Sahara and the valley.
Paula from Connecticut

 We had a marvelous trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with Sights and Soul in March of 2012. It was well organized, the hotels were sensational, we hit the highlights and had additional adventures and experiences ie: cooking class, elephant ride, overnight on a luxury boat in Halong Bay. It was a packed itinerary but well planned to not leave us exhausted. I look forward to traveling with Sights and Soul again and have absolutely no reservations about recommending the services of this exceptional company.
Mara from Minnesota

I recently returned from the Rome and Amalfi Coast trips with your company.  I am finding it difficult to express how wonderful they both were.  Like many women, I have a hubby that is a reluctant traveler but he encouraged me to find someone to travel with and enjoy myself.  That's how I came across Sights & Soul.  I searched the web, read reviews and recommendations and decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did!!!  The food--fantastic, the guides--knowledgeable, the sights--breathtaking, my fellow travelers--wonderful, wacky women!!  And, of course, the tour leader was exceptional in every way, from keeping us informed to organizing every little detail of our tour.  She worked out the occasional little "bump in the road" and made everything fun!  I have often traveled alone but I must say, I enjoyed the guided tours and company of a small group of women.  It was wonderful to not stand in line for admittance at the Vatican, etc.  It definitely gave us more time to enjoy the actual sights.  I loved the "freedom" of having someone else take care of the details so that I could just relish the trip itself.
Mary from Washington

I loved every minute of it and will not hesitate to go again with you. Greece was one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. Great shopping, great sites. Great bunch of ladies - laughed a lot.
Nat from Maine

Another perfect trip. Amazing sights, hotels in perfect locations, just the right group size, super food, terrific leader who comes from the region and speaks the language, etc., etc. Thanks Sights and Soul for giving me a chance to do what I like best - travel. I thought that that part of my life died with my husband, but thanks to Sights and Soul it didn't have to. You will never know how much it means to me and people like me. Thanks again.
Lynda from New Jersey

I just want to say how pleased I am with the level of organization and care that you and your staff have already given us. I have never traveled with a tour before, and it is such a pleasure to not have to think about a thing! Thank you so much, I'm very excited to experience all you have planned.
Charlene from Pennsylvania 

It was perfect! An all women trip was like an ultimate, extended girls night out. I'm ready to go again.
Laura from Tennessee

Loved it, loved it, loved it! The trip to Greece was an amazing trip of a lifetime! I hope to take more trips with Sights and Soul Travels in the future. Becky was an awesome tour leader!
Pam from Virginia

This was my first all-girls small tour, having done several trips in the past 6 years with large tour operators with 35 or 40 travelers. Sights and Soul did not miss a beat on their Greek Isle Tour: hotels were awesome, food was beyond my expectations, nice balance of historic sights and museums, and then the cherry on top of the sundae for me was two-fold - the day on the yacht and the cooking class. All good things must come to an end, but this is surely one trip that I wished could have gone one, and on, and on!
Marie from North Carolina

I am back at home, jetlagged and trying to catch up, but with a jeep load of wonderful memories. Thank you to you and your wonderful travel company for the trip of a lifetime. I appreciated your organization and attention to detail, which kept things running very smoothly.
Marina from Newfoundland, Canada

I know it's a lot of hard work, but please keep doing what you're doing. I plan to be one of your clients for many years to come.
Barbara from Missouri

This visit to Washington surpassed my expectations, the trip was most enjoyable and just a great experience. You offered a proper balance of sightseeing, culture and camaraderie. And I particularly love that you are happy to sit at meals for the proper amount of time.
Kitty from California

The sights were all equally fabulous. What I enjoyed the most were all the other people and how we all hit it off so fast & easily, the dinners and accommodations were fantastic. The trip seemed to be for the correct length of time. I would have liked some more free time for shopping, although I really did like the flexibility shown by Yolanta.
Gayle from Hawaii

I had a wonderful time sharing adventures in history and culture with women who became instant friends. I instantly felt welcome and included. This upscale tour company provides fantastic experiences in safe, welcoming environment, and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling alone or with a  friend.
Eva from Massachusetts

Enjoyed all of it. Great value for money. We saw a lot and the guide in Provence was superb. Accommodations - terrific.
Liz from Victoria, Australia

Great trip! The guides in Paris and Provence were exceptional.
Carol from Connecticut

My trip to Poland was wonderful, and I had a great time. It was exactly what I needed last summer. Poland was beautiful and Krakow was a charming city. I hope I can return someday.
Lois from New Jersey

Thank you for putting together such a nice travel package. I do feel that I certainly had a good experience and got good value for my hard earned bucks. Keep up the good work! The guides and restaurants were excellent, as well as the hotels.
Desiree from Maine

The Amalfi Coast trip was a great experience for the first time traveling on my own and hopefully I will be able to do it again.
Barbara from New York

I had a wonderful time on the tour of Rome. Thank you so much for making everything go so smoothly. I am already trying to decide where to go next year with you!
Sandy from Florida

The trip was amazing, the Amalfi coast was actually more beautiful than I had imagined. We had wonderful tour guides everywhere we went.  One of my favorite moments on the trip was our Capri guide, Deborah, singing a beautiful Italian song up at Anacapri. Kudos to Teresa!!  She kept us organized (not an easy feat) and very well fed.
Rebecca from Arizona

 Thank you so much for your thoroughness and thoughtfulness in providing the best trip for us all!  We had a terrific time in England!
Holly from Connecticut

You have a very satisfied traveler and I hope to travel with Sights and Soul again. I have recommended your company to a number of women here at work, so I hope that you get more clients via my recommendation.
Kitty from Pennsylvania

I just want to let you know what a wonderful tour our Ireland adventure was! Becky was not only a great delight, but a tremendously professional tour leader. With her overseeing the arrangements, everything went smooth as silk. Thank you for making such a great tour available to women ... I'm looking forward to another adventure with Sights and Soul!
Kate from North Carolina

Thank you so very, very much for a wonderful tour of the Amalfi Coast.  The entire experience far exceeded my wildest expectations.
Pat from California

I appreciated seeing all the amazing sights and being with women who enjoyed the same as me. Keep doing what you're doing.
June from Illinois

It was first time traveling overseas for me, and was a bit nervous, but after meeting everyone and seeing how well planned everything was + the quality of accommodations and meals, I was just thrilled and enjoyed everything.
Cynthia from Arizona

I LOVED the Greece trip, meeting the ladies & Becky was such a wonderful guide!  Looking forward to traveling with you again...
Kate from Texas

Thanks for everything. We saw the sights and we felt the soul of Prague. It was perfect in every way. Even the weather held off until our last night.
Karen from United Arab Emirates

I could not have been more happy with the trip...everything was more than I had expected and it gave me a very well timed escape from my reality and I want to thank you for your part in making that possible. I loved it! I hope to be able to travel with your group in the future...time and circumstances will dictate that but, again, thank you.
Deborah from Florida

Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip to S.Africa. Not only is your professionalism outstanding, but your ability to generate a considerate, warm and welcoming environment is a gift. I look forward to being able to join one of your trips in the future.
Gay from NSW, Australia

 The trip was amazing.  Thank you for creating a great trip on a wonderful boat with such nice staff & informative guides.  This is definitely a trip to fondly remember... the birds, more birds, even more birds, actually see sloths moving, taxi ride on a motorcycle, rivers of 2 different colors, rubber dripping from a cut in a tree, the town & the village & the kids. Just so many wonderful moments.
Joyce from Massachusetts

Enjoyed the trip immensely! Teresa was wonderful. Amalfi is incredible. Would definitely recommend Sights and Soul to any woman looking for a tour group. Hope to get to travel with you again. Thanks for everything.
Jean from Arizona

Thanks Yolanta for a wonderful experience. I haven't been able to get much done at work yet as I wax poetic and awestruck each time a co-worker asks me about my trip!
Heather from Ontario

Thank you for a perfect tour! I wouldn't have changed a thing. Excellent company, crew, guides, food, excursions and sights!!!
Bonnie from British Columbia

Yolanta does a great job describing the itinerary and giving additional information about the area.
Cynthia from Louisiana

It was a wonderful experience. The Rivers, rainforest, cruise, food, excursions were fantastic and I will recommend the trip to my friends.  We did have a great group, and I appreciate everyone and admire their passion to travel.
Janice from Hawaii

I'm sitting in my beautiful room at the Prince George Hotel - waiting for my breakfast to be brought to me, and reflecting on what a remarkable holiday this has been. Want you to know your attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, you made EVERYTHING we did extra special! So far beyond anything I expected. I'll be talking about this trip for a very long time.
Carol from Tennessee

I had a marvelous trip to London and its environs. The museums, theatre, people, sights and sounds, castles, history and more all made for a wonderful trip! Thank you very much for all of your hard work to make us all feel so at ease.
Edwyna from Washington

Thank you again for a WONDERFUL trip in Nova Scotia.  I can't stop thinking about everywhere we went and everything we did.  What an experience!
Barbara from Missouri

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful tour of Greece. The activities, restaurants and hotels were wonderful and I feel like I really learned the history and culture of Greece. It was the trip of a lifetime for me and I will always have fond memories of my time there. And I'm already saving for another trip!
Lindsey from Minnesota

 I have so many good memories of our great trip to Greece, a great deal of which was due to your gift of arranging events and creating an environment that is both relaxing and stimulating. I'll look forward to future trips!
Kate from Ontario

Thanks again for everything. Our London trip with my mother was the highlight of 2009 and a bright spot in my life.
Jen from Nevada

The entire Amazon trip exceeded my expectations in every way. The boat, crew, food, accommodations, excursions were all fantastic! The guides made everything interesting, but I loved the night excursions and stories about local legends best of all. It was an amazing trip.
Heather from North Carolina

  It was an excellent tour. I enjoyed everything about visiting Portugal, there was a lot variety, the meals were great and all of the sightseeing was interesting and different.
Lynne from Michigan

What a great adventure! I miss Vienna, my morning cafe mélange, the pastries. The tour was great, and I hope to coordinate another trip in the future..I have another daughter. Yolanta, thank you so much for the wonderful tour and your hard work in planning everything. I feel lucky to have experienced so much in a short time. I'm singing your praises and Sights and Soul tours here in Florida!
Teresa from Florida

I had a fantastic time in Washington DC. I was very impressed with my first try with "women travel", and I am ready to explore some other city or country with Sights and Soul.
Marie from California

 It was a great trip, absolutely fabulous. Lots of wonderful memories. See you on another continent one day.
Kate from Ontario

It was a great trip, and your office was a pleasure to deal with.
Judy from South Carolina

I had a great time in Tuscany. I liked the way you planned the trip, and have great memories and pictures to remind me of the beauty of Tuscany. Thank you so much for making my dream come true, I will definitely keep Sights and Soul in mind when planning future vacations.
Danuta from Nova Scotia

I loved our trip, and really felt like I came away from it, relaxed, happy, and more knowledgeable about another part of our wonderful world. Thank you for making the experience one that will forever be in my memory as a 'highlight' of my life.
Gail from Illinois

Thank you for this experience - I will never be the same.
Kathy from Pennsylvania

Again, I loved your tour the best and appreciated the combination of history, music and scenery. It was perfect in my opinion.  Thanks, Yolanta and Kasia!!!!
Karen from British Columbia

Thank you for the most wonderful vacation of my life! The tour in Krakow and the Tatra mountains was magical and inspiring. Poland is a country everyone must visit. You made my vacation educational and insightful.
Lori from Arizona

Dear Yolanta - What a once in a lifetime experience! You made this trip just perfect.  I love your country!
Sandie from Maryland

Thank you so much for this awesome experience. These past 10 days were filled with memories I will remember for the rest of my life.
Kylie from Maryland

I loved visiting your home country. It is beautiful. I hope your other trips go as well as this one did! It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you.
Michelle from Maryland

Yolanta: It has been a great tour! Thank you for all the laughs and fond memories.
Patricia from British Columbia

I had a wonderful time. I was very impressed with Sights and Soul Travels and your ability to change plans as needed.
Carolyn from Massachusetts

Thank you for sharing with us your passion for Poland. I love how the tour was put together and I especially loved all the music.
Karen from British Columbia

Thank you so much for making my trip to Croatia such a wonderfully unforgettable and fun experience. Not only did you share the beauty and culture of the country with us, you shared its soul...and left me with some very special memories for a lifetime. How lucky we all were to have had you with us...
Sheila from Montana

This is my second tour with Sights and Soul and once again found it to be well planned and lots of fun. It is so much easier to relax when all the hard work is done for you. Yolanta does a great job. Thanks for loving what you do so well. It shows.
Janet from the Netherlands

The tour was well organized and I enjoyed that about both Sights & Soul tours I've taken. We visit the spots that are promised, the company is good and the suggested reading is on target.
Suzanne from Texas

When you sign up for a tour with Sights and Soul, it's definetely not a large tour where everyone is shoved into a bus and just a body. Yolanta really cares about each lady and gives her personal attention from the day she signs up. The tour is very diverse that meets needs of all types of women.
Tracy from California

I loved it totally! Having a very small, compatible group was great and gave us lots of flexibility. I liked only having two different hotels as this made the tour more relaxing.
Linda from Nova Scotia

 I had a great trip and it was REALLY hard to go back to work. The trip was everything I wanted it to be - a real escape, lots of variety, land and water, some good conversations, Judaic sites, immersion in a foreign culture, and a chance for me to spread my wings a bit and remember that, when I'm not working all the time, I can have a good time.
Robin from Pennsylvania

I have taken 3 trips with Sights and Soul and each one was unique, great fun and very well organized. I'm very picky and this company exceeds my expectations! I plan to travel on even more tours with Yolanta!
Debra from California

Croatia was so much fun! I got to see and experience so much culture and history, and I still felt like I was on vacation. The sea was incredible. I liked all the women in our group, and now that we have this connection, I hope that we will remain friends. Thank you for making this trip possible for me.
Andrea from Maine

There was the right balance of activities - cultural and relaxing - and free time. It was the variety of what we did that was great plus the fact that we did things off the beaten tourist path. The tour guide made it very personal with a lot of personal insights.
Lorraine from the United Kingdom

 I had the most marvelous time on your tour! This was my first time to Europe and I'll cherish the memories forever. I'm smitten to travel much more! You laid out a lovely tour - and the ladies were wonderful. We're becoming friends all over the world! I greatly admire how well you planned everything to get the maximum of our Hungarian trip.
Edwyna from Washington

Wonderful tour - great traveling with a small group. I felt like I received very individual attention.
Kenda from Tennessee

We took a dinner cruise in Aix our last night and after dinner went to the outside top deck where they had beautiful music playing and the shoreline lit up by the boat. There were so many fireflies, it was like sparks flying. A French child sang a song that our guide taught me before. You could see the city lights. It was magical.
Janet from the Netherlands

I have fallen in love with Portugal! The place is just amazing and the people are so friendly. The entire trip from start to finish was just perfect, but my favorite was how we got spoiled when we stayed in Obidos. I loved how they brought fresh fruit and fresh flowers to my room every day and how they lit the candles on the patio at night. I really needed this trip to regain my footing, and now I am moving on with my life.
Sarah from Oregon

Thank you for all your careful and excellent arrangements in Washington, DC. I enjoyed the company and especially loved all the museums!
Joy from South Carolina

Traveling with Sights and Soul was like being with a group of good friends, where one of them was very knowledgeable and took good care of you.
Alice from Wisconsin

My heart and mind are still in Hungary. I woke up this morning with so many wonderful memories of my vacation, and wishing that I could be waking up in Budapest or Sumeg again. I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had and what a wonderful time it was for me. You have again created such a fantastic combination of sights, food, wine, adventures, and good companionship!
Marcia from California

Once again, Yolanta has created an outstanding experience, this time by organizing a Washington DC tour. I am still reliving the memories of sharing the inspirational sights of DC with a group of like-minded women and Yolanta leading the charge!  From the delightfully delicious restaurants to the exceptional docent-led tours of Washington's finest art, I can't say enough about how fulfilling, soul-satisfying and fun it was!
Laura from Wisconsin

Travel with Yolanta is simply in a class of its own. It's like travelling with a friend who passionately wants to share not only the sights but also the "soul" of the place - the culture, the history, the people's values and passions. At the same time, Yolanta tries to anticipate and meet your needs as a traveler. From the time she welcomes you with flowers when you arrive at an airport, train or bus station to the time of departure, you feel special and well taken care of.
Elizabeth from Ohio

We did so much! I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot.
Thank you for your thoughtful giving spirit. It was really a priveledge to travel with you.
Katharine from North Carolina

You and Kasia rewarded us with unique, meaningful experiences in a diligently fostered atmosphere of caring and personal attention, enriching our lives with your infectious enthusiasm, your consummate knowledge of the history, art and culture of  the land - and, of course, the cuisine - each meal a delicious adventure! I should love to do another tour with you anywhere on this planet (or even outer space if that were possible) as I know you would be there for me, prepared to teach, to share, to exchange ideas and to enjoy many beautiful moments.
 Lilian from Alberta

Every time I see the photos, I get such a rush of wonderful  memories. I am again reminded of what a fabulous tour you gave us and what a wonderful time we had. Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do. It really was a trip of a lifetime!
Marcia from California

We felt so spoiled by you. Our very own trip specialized to our interests and desires... Fantastic!
Terri from Pennsylvania

I cannot stop talking about how perfect the trip was in every way!  Your attention to details was above and beyond. I feel very fortunate to have encountered Sight and Soul Travels.
JoAnn from Illinois

Thank you for making this journey a meaningful experience for me; for putting together a great group of women; and for giving us such a rich itinerary.
Lita from Ontario

Thank you for bringing me to Poland. I have wanted to go for so long, and it was much better than I could've ever imagined.
Elizabeth from Maryland

Thank you for creating the most wonderful vacation I have ever had! The tour was just amazing and I really appreciate all your work to make sure every detail was covered for us. I can't wait to tell everyone I know about your business!
Carrie from Virginia

The trip was truly awesome. I will never forget the music, the architecture, the people, the beauty, and the excitement of Krakow and the majesty of the mountains, the peacefulness of the river raft and challenges met on our incredible hike in the Tatra Mountains. The food was delicious everywhere and the entire trip, start to finish was PERFECT! Thank you again.
Cathy from Maryland

I thought that the way you organized the tour was wonderful, and I never expected to get such a large view both historically and from another perspective - I feel like I have seen so much, even though when I first saw your itinerary, I thought it sounded wonderful!
Frances from New York

You have done an amazing job. You have gone above and beyond everything I thought this trip would be. This is something I will never forget. Thank you for everything.
Susan from Maryland

 I am writing to express the wonderful time I had on my recent Provence tour. It was a trip to remember for the ages. The guide was very accommodating to our every need -- she added a few side trips that we expressed an interest in, which was a feature not usually expected on a tour. Thank you for the opportunity to join this superb tour, and for selecting such competent guides. The itinerary was excellent and I will certainly try to join another of your tours in the future.
Carolyn from Nova Scotia

I really enjoyed the variety you put into the St. Petersburg tour. Thanks for everything!
Linda from New Jersey

The trip to France was wonderful. This was my first experience traveling on a tour and I would like to say that it was delightful. As you predicted, the other travelers were great and we all got along. The guides were knowledgeable about the region and added little extra side trips that were a complete delight. I think everyone would agree that the hotel in Provence was our favourite place to stay. The rooms were interesting and very well equipped, and the food and ambience were good. A bonus was the interest and congeniality of the innkeepers. The size of the tour was also perfect as it allowed us to have a small vehicle and also created a nice familial atmosphere in the group. As you can tell, I really enjoyed the experience and will consider your tours again in the future.
Linda from Nova Scotia

 It was such a fabulous trip - my only complaint is that it's over. I often travel alone, so I wasn't sure how it would be to travel as part of a group this time. As it turned out, the group really was terrific. Ten or eleven is a nice size, large enough to be interesting, small enough to be flexible. The women in the group were interesting, well-travelled, and intelligent, with lots of different experiences and interests to share. Heni was an outstanding tour leader, personable, gracious, organized, calm. Her experiences and insights about Hungary added a lot to the trip. Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into making the tour so exciting, fun, and informative.
Susan from New York

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