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Sights and Soul Travels' Tour Directors

Tour Directors' Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, November 2017

In addition to local guides, who share with the group their in-depth knowledge about the place where each tour takes us, each Sights and Soul Travels’ tour is accompanied by a Tour Director. These incredible women are there to assure that all the logistics during the tour run smoothly, they take care of all the details, and assure that everyone is enjoying the experience. Our Tour Directors are from the US, France, Poland, Germany, Iceland and Italy, speak several languages, are trained in first aid, and many of them have been working with Sights and Soul Travels for many years, so they treat the women who travel with us as extended family. Our Tour Directors are the one feature that makes our journeys uniquely special. Chosen for their charisma, expertise and affability, these women are the secret ingredient that turns a fine tour into an unforgettable experience. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their guidance consistently brings depth, excitement and substance to all the women who join them on our tours. We're proud to introduce our stars:


Renata has been leading Sights and Soul’s tours since 2008. Previously, she has worked as a Program Specialist at the U.S. Institute of Peace, Center of Innovation in Washington, DC. She has also worked for the World Bank Group, Soros Open Society, the White House and other organizations as an interpreter for visitors from the Balkan region. She has lived in Bosnia, in the Netherlands and in Germany, and speaks several languages. In addition to travel, her interests include history, politics and art. She plays several musical instruments and loves to cook. 

Tours led in the past: Argentina, Amalfi Coast, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany Christmas Markets, Holland & Belgium, Iceland, Jordan, Morocco, Norway Summer, Rome, Scotland, South Africa, Tuscany, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Botswana, Australia & New Zealand

Renata was amazing at handling any issues that arose. She kept things flowing smoothly and seamlessly. - Colleen from California (Amalfi Coast 2023)

Renata, was and is an outstanding tour leader. She set the tone even before the trip by having us introduce ourselves to each other in What’s App.  It created a beginning familiarity even before we all met. Renata guided us in everything we did and was very good in figuring things out. I appreciated the way she took charge of things yet could be flexible based on the needs of the women in the group. She was very caring to all of us. I look forward to doing another tour with S&S and would definitely want one traveling with Renata! - Elaine from New Mexico

This trip was my first with Sights and Soul, but definitely will not be my last. All aspects were wonderful. Clearly, Renata set the tone, made everyone so comfortable and handled anything out of the ordinary with grace and efficiency. We knew that we were in expert hands. How lucky we were to have her as our leader. In addition, the group of women were delightful. Thanks for the memories. - Meryl from Massachusetts

Renata was such a pleasure to have as our guide and I don’t think we could have asked for any better. She is a true gentle soul and a pleasure to travel with. I would do another trip with Renata in a minute. - Linda from California

Renata was the best!  She had her hands full the last two days with people getting sick and she handled it like the pro she is. She was a great tour guide and I think I can speak for everyone what a wonderful person she is. We all got along famously and I think Renata helped in that as well as making us all feel welcomed. Looking forward to my next S&S travel. - Kathy from New York

It was a wonderful trip with no misadventures… Renata did very well at keeping us all together, even though sometimes that was not the easiest thing to do… Lol. Thanks Renata for being such a fun tour leader! - Gail from California

Renata was wonderful! Being from Croatia, she shared her knowledge of places and history from an insider's view. She was also funny and personable and was on top of thigs every step of the way. She also switched rooms with me when I had a meltdown in Split! - Karen from New Hampshire

Renata was wonderful. She went above and beyond to take care of everyone. - Orma from Pennsylvania

What really made for a great tour was our tour leader Renata. She was so easy going and made the tour seamless. While we had some forgetful and at times needy people on our tour, Renata never lost her cool and handled everything professionally. - Andrea from New Jersey

Our Tour Director, Renata was great.  She made sure each one our needs were met each day.  She made sure we all were accounted for during our entire trip.  She made me feel that she really cared for each one of us. - Beverly from Illinois

Renata was excellent! Everything ran like a dream. - Cindy from Utah

Renata was a pleasure! Very attentive to everyone’s needs. She was helpful, knowledgeable and flexible! – Lori from Illinois

Renata kept everything running smoothly and on time. She offered good suggestions for things to do in free time and places to eat. – Barbara from Georgia

Renata is great! Very organized and caring. – Joanne from California

Renata was wonderful! She was lots of fun. She included us all and made us feel like a total group. – Sharon from New Jersey

The tour director, Renata, enhanced the tour enormously! Her stories, her humor and her patience were extraordinary. – Anna from California

Renata was professional, yet so much fun. I had the utmost confidence in her ability to handle any unexpected glitches that come our way. She is very knowledgeable as well. – Robin from Delaware

Renata was well organized, dedicated to us all and fun to be with. Hope to travel with her again. – Lesley from Florida

Renata took great care of us! – Gayle from Oregon

Renata was terrific. She focused on making sure things ran smoothly, and on dealing with surprises calmly and efficiently. She’s a very interesting woman. Fully satisfied with Renata and would gladly travel with her again. – Anne from New York

Renata was great – fun, calm, friendly! I would definitely go on another trip with her! – Ellen from Maryland

Renata was wonderful, very organized and efficient. - Susan from Pennsylvania

Renata is a fantastic TD. She was professional, thorough, fact-filled, organized, and very responsible. – Martha from California

She was great – a compassionate, caring person who also participated and seemed to enjoy learning as much as we did. – Jill from Wisconsin

Renata was the consummate tour director. I appreciated her organization, her knowledge, her sense of humor and most of all was very nice. - Cathy from Missouri

Renata is a great compliment to your organization. She makes sure everyone is enjoying the trip and she adds knowledge along the way! She is organized and a very friendly person. – Carol from Pennsylvania

Renata kept us all on schedule. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and really wanted us to get everything we could from the location. - Teresa from Pennsylvania 

The Tour Director was wonderful, very inclusive and caring. She made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves. Renata is a very interesting woman and a great Tour Director. Especially good at herding a group of women 😊 - Mary from North Carolina

Amalfi Coast was superb and Renata was a marvel – in all ways! - Lucille from Connecticut

Renata did a great job of navigating changes necessitated by the weather. I’m looking forward to traveling with her again. – Mary from Oregon

Renata was a great host. She was informative and attentive to our needs and requests – Betty from Alabama

So very knowledgeable and it made a huge difference her knowing the language, culture, history and geography. Perfect! – Charlotte from Nova Scotia

Renata did a good job, is, of course, well-schooled in language and history, is pleasant and competent and as she has done the tour so many times, there are no surprises. – Claudia from Ontario

Renata was an excellent tour leader. She was very interesting and informative about the history of Croatia, and the former Yugoslavia. I learned so much, listening to her. She was also very warm, positive and helpful. I enjoyed traveling with her, and hope to do so again. – Susan from Iowa

She was flexible and kind. She was very knowledgeable, and her personal experiences were enlightening. – Pamela from California

Renata was first rate: skillful, knowledgeable, friendly, caring. A very interesting woman whose personal experience in Bosnia put a face to the terrible history of the countries and whose language ability and cultural awareness enhanced the trip. – Ellen from North Carolina

Renata was wonderful. She went above and beyond extending her services to some of the ladies who needed additional transportation services. She was kind and is a true gem. – Sonia from New York 
Renata is THE BEST! S&S does an amazing job of seeing lots of places in a short time and at a reasonable price. - Beverly from California

Renata is a gift! I loved her sincere and gentle manner. That coupled with her genuine care and knowledge makes her so special. Thank you for your professional staff and I look forward to each and every adventure ahead! - Karen from New York

The trip to Morocco was just as wonderful as I expected it to be. The itinerary, the hotels, the group, and our wonderful guide, Renata, provided an experience I doubt anyone will forget.  My sincere thanks to you, S&S, and Renata for providing the trip of a lifetime to fourteen very lucky ladies.  Mohammed, also, was an excellent guide. – Martha from Caifornia

It was all a magnificent trip, and a beautiful country. Renata’s background and firsthand experience with the area and the wars that have plagued the country truly added to the richness of the experience. Absolutely the most beautiful country I’ve visited thus far! Really had a good time. Enjoyed everything about the trip. Thanks a bunch! – Patricia from Alberta

It was such a fantastic overview of the Roman history, with all the highlights + as always, the women we travelled with were awesome! Renata is so special. She makes everyone feel comfortable and important, and her enthusiasm is infectious. The individual guides were really amazing. – Tammy from New Jersey

I enjoyed everything about the Iceland tour. The scenery was gorgeous, the planned activities were fun & interesting, the local guide was extremely informative & professional, Renata was helpful, the women were friendly and fun, there was enough free time for individual interests, and the hotel had a convenient location with a very efficient staff. Thank you for the wonderful vacation! – Susan from Nebraska

Fabulous time. I recommend this tour company to others whether you go alone or with friends. Perfect way to see a country and make new friends. Great location of tour hotels. And Renata was a perfect mix between Mary Poppins and Julie McCoy: always prepared, with a smile on her face. – Meg from Oregon

This was an amazing trip – fun and educational. I appreciate all the care and time that went into planning every detail of this wonderful trip. Renata was the best. The trip was so much more meaningful because of her willingness to share her experiences &her knowledge of the history /area. – Meg from Oregon

Walking through castles was intriguing, the dining and hotels were superior, the Christmas markets atmosphere was magical, Renata was a fantastic tour leader, and the fellowship of new friends with like desire to travel made it a perfect vacation. – Cathy from Oklahoma

This was my 1st time out of the US & the experience was great for a travel beginner. We were kept in the loop leading up to the trip & all concerns and questions were answered. Renata was Awesome! Loved It! I can’t wait for my next trip. – Shirley from California

I travelled with my daughter and we had a great time. We were on the go the whole time, and Renata made sure we were happy. She did this from the beginning to the end of the trip. She made us all feel like we were the only one traveling with her, and made every person feel welcome. I had no stress only enjoyment. – Elizabeth from Ontario

My first women-only tour – very unique and fun. What was the best experience? Everything! My sister and I had a ball sightseeing and being with everyone! Renata was great. Even when we had local guides, she always had something interesting to add. Smart lady! – Candy from Florida

Austria tour was a great value, I got much more than I expected. Renata was an excellent trip leader. She was warm and friendly, always in a professional way, I really enjoyed her leadership and expertise on this trip. – Jean from New York

Croatia is a beautiful country with excellent food + wine. This tour provides a mix of history + culture but the highlight for me was the two days visiting the islands near Split and Dubrovnik. The water + sun are a beautiful combination. Add in a group of adventurous ladies + Renata, a great tour guide – it was a perfect vacation! – Beverley from Alberta

It was all fantastic and Renata was fabulous. She made everyone comfortable, made sure to include and consider everyone's opinion and put everyone at ease. Being in Germany at Christmastime was like being in a real life Christmas card. – Tammy from New Jersey

Austria was beautiful, clean and friendly. The tour hit the best of Austria with the mountains, lakes, Salzburg and Vienna, delicious food and quaint towns. Highly recommend. Renata was great! She was so knowledgeable about the history of Austria, I was amazed. She was also upbeat, positive and very organized. – Lori from Missouri

I just returned from the Amalfi Coast tour- what a wonderful experience!!! Renata did a fabulous job as our "fearless leader." She has the patience of a saint! I hope to take another tour with her in the future. – Sarah from Wisconsin


Marta likes to think of herself as an adventurous traveler. If asked why traveling is so important to her, she would answer that it very often is a spiritual adventure that expands your awareness, connects you to other people and cultures and helps her maintain her enthusiasm for life. To take up traveling means to take up the attitude: love yourself, love your life and love the world. Marta has been working with Sights and Soul Travels since 2010, both as a guide and as a tour leader in destinations in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, and she has developed a strong following among the women who she travels with.

Tours led in the past: Amalfi Coast, Australia, the Baltics, Cambodia, Dubai, Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland & Belgium, Jordan, Morocco, New Zealand, Prague, Poland, Rome, Russia, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam

Marta is such a fabulous leader! She is organized, kind, helpful and overall a great person. - Debbie from Tennessee (Egypt 2 2023)

It is always enjoyable to travel with Marta. She was patient and was fun to be around with. I like that she let us do our things like taking pictures and did a little exploration during the activities but yet she always made sure we were not lost and were under her watch. I want to travel with her again in future. - Jan from Minnesota

Marta is the best tour director, especially in her homeland of Poland. She always tries to accommodate each individual's needs and genuinely cares that we get the most out of the experience. Her personal knowledge and family history added to the tour tremendously. It was obvious how she loves Poland, especially Krakow. - Joanne from Missouri

Marta works so hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. She always has a positive attitude and a smile.  She is simply one of the best. - Anne from New Jersey

Marta was such a pleasure to travel with! She was very concerned about everyone’s well being and checked on us when we checked in to hotels and everyday along the way. She was professional, compassionate, helpful, knowledgeable, calm and kind. I would be very happy to travel with her again, she was a great leader! - Debra from Tennessee

Wonderful tour director. Marta is a gem. Very concerned about our welfare and attentive to our needs. Perfect! - Kathy from Texas

Marta was well-organized, calm and knowledgeable about what makes a tour run smoothly.  She was inclusive of all tour members, encouraging everyone to participate.  She was very enthusiastic like every experience was a new one which helped maintain our enthusiasm no matter how tired we were. - Barbara from Alberta

This was my second trip with Marta.  She wants to make sure you are happy with the arrangements. She calls your room each night to make sure everything is okay and lets you know her room number just in case she is needed. Marta always makes sure she chats with different people at meals or just on the tour. She is also extremely diligent in making sure you know the times and the schedule for the next day. Extremely patient. As stated, she is wonderful. - Valarie from California 

Marta was fantastic. She handled all of the complicated logistics with professional coolness, no matter what happened. Her bubbly personality enhanced everyone’s experience. Her photos are great. She made sure that everyone was included. I think she is an exceptional Tour Director and look forward to traveling with her again. - Adrianne from Florida

Marta is fabulous as always with her sharp wit and unflappable travel style. I especially love her saying “I have no problems, only solutions.” - Brandy from Oklahoma

Marta is a phenomenal tour director. She is the ultimate professional and was able to create an atmosphere of calm and confidence. This allowed the travelers to relax and fully enjoy the tour. Marta brings a great spirit of adventure which is inspiring and encouraging. - Kerry from New York

Marta was an excellent tour director – she managed different facets of the tour in a discreet and low-key manner which made it comfortable for the group.  She was attentive to all concerns and handled them professionally. - Susan from Hawaii

Marta was great. Always there to greet us, to make sure our rooms were okay and to keep us organized. Very pleasant personality. – Barbara from Alberta, Canada

Marta is the most amazing tour director I have had the pleasure of traveling with! She was always ready to help and never seemed bothered. Marta was my roommate and she was the best roommate ever! I will definitely be traveling with her again. There is nothing she could have improved – she’s awesome! – Brandy from Oklahoma

Marta is fabulous. I would travel with her anywhere. She’s a real pro! – Deborah from New York

Marta was awesome! Patient, funny, great at problem solving, very much went with the flow and adjusted as needed. She kept the group upbeat and directed. – Gina from Florida

Marta was very organized, diplomatic, felt like one of the group, always in a good mood, flexible with needed changes. – Jill from Texas

Marta’s calm demeanor and support for all kept the group together and very positive. – Joan from New York

I loved Marta – she worked very hard to make sure we all enjoyed the tour. She would call after we checked in to make sure our room was acceptable. She always helped with language or culture issues. I felt well cared for. – Theresa from California

Marta did an incredible job. Her suggestions for things to do during free time was right on. She was constantly checking with individuals to make sure they were ok and there weren’t any problems. She is organized and truly cares about everyone and gladly accepted feedback. I look forward to traveling with her again. – Karen from New York

Marta was an exceptional tour leader from the moment she welcomed us in Melbourne. She was attentive to every detail and had fun alongside us. – Lisa from California

Marta was excellent. She made sure we were all happy and included. She even gave us photography assistance. – Madalyne from Texas

Marta was well organized, friendly, and made good decisions. Really enjoyed her! – Roberta from California

Marta is a warm, kind, loving, genuine, generous and fun leader. She is responsible and very well-organized. She kept us informed whenever changes were made. She always tried to find solutions to problems that came up. We enjoyed her so much as our tour director. I look forward to traveling the world with her again. - Jan from Minnesota

Marta couldn’t have done a better job. She checked on each of us as we moved hotels to ensure everything was ok. She loved taking group photos and taught us all how to pose. – Linda from California

Marta was awesome, professional, caring, interesting and interested in us! – Rachel from British Columbia

Marta was excellent - in every respect. The guide and staff of the Legend as well. – Marina from Newfoundland

Marta was perfect! Always made sure everyone was doing okay, and how to keep it that way. - Judy from Texas

Marta took care of us- she’s great! She made sure we knew the itinerary in advance and where to be when. She was an integral part of the group – one of us, not separate from us. Totally reliant, thorough, and personable. – Cathy from Virginia

Marta was fantastic.  She was very involved with all the activities and made the trip a very memorable one. She cared about everyone’s safety and happiness with each activity. Would love to do another tour with her.  – Nancy from New Jersey

Marta did an outstanding job with the logistics and keeping us on track. She is very personable and helpful. I appreciate all she did for us and I enjoyed getting to know her. – Dawn from California

Marta was amazing! She kept us on track and on time and spent extra time with us taking photos. She was a calm yet enthusiastic leader of the pack. – Mary from Oregon

Marta is pure perfection! She is always smiling and truly interested in everyone and making sure we are having a good time. I’d go anywhere with her! – Tammy from New Jersey

Tour Director was great. Available to answer questions and provide guidance but not overbearing. Tried to be flexible as schedule altered. – Sheri from Colorado

Marta was an excellent Tour Director. She was patient, pleasant, listened well and checked on everyone. I would love to travel with her on a trip again. – Jani from Oregon

Marta was such a delight – sweet, patient and kind. She was also very informative about Germany. We always knew when to be where. – Patricia from New York

The tour leader kept us informed of the schedule every day, and kept us on track with time. The bus drivers and guides were also great at every location! It was also nice for the tour leader, Marta, to take a lot of pictures! – Madeline from Michigan

Marta was a great tour leader! Worked very hard to meet needs of clients, even unreasonable requests. Kept everything on schedule, and was proactive in dealing with late clients. - Joyce from Minnesota

Marta was wonderful- on top of everything at all times. – Janet from Florida

Marta was always concerned that things were going well and adjusted the schedule when we missed the Eileen Donan Castle Tour due to a traffic accident. She was very much a part of our experience. – Janice from Nova Scotia, Canada

She was respectful of everyone – making sure all were included. She was a constant positive and upbeat influence on us all. – Veronica from Connecticut

Marta is amazing! She is the right combination of kind, patient and firm. – Sherry from Nebraska

Marta is always wonderful. She is calm under any circumstance and only wants everyone to have a good experience. There was absolutely no need to do anything differently. – Diana from Washington

Marta’s love for, and pride in, Krakow was evident from day one. She was always willing to listen to suggestions, and was a lot of fun to be with. – Karen from New Hampshire

Marta sets a high bar for her caring, attention to detail, and local knowledge. A wonderful tour leader who made sure to take group photos. Marta is one of the best! – Anne from New Jersey

Marta was excellent! She paid special attention to every traveler. She encouraged us to try things and encouraged conversation as well. She was definitely a big reason why we enjoyed the trip so much.  I am always happy when I travel with Sights and Soul. I have come to expect everything to be well planned, of excellent quality and fun! – Ruth from New York 

Wow – best tour guides and Sights and Soul group leader ever! Very positive, charming – a pleasure to be around and attentive to detail and group chemistry. - Paddi from Alberta

Marta was fantastic as tour leader. She handled any and all problems away from us and if a decision needed to be made by the group she gave us the info to make the decision. She was a dream tour leader. I would happily go on tours that she leads. She got me out of my comfort zone and to go kayaking and I actually enjoyed it. - Elizabeth from New York

Loved Marta! Very observant and tried to address any small issue before it became a problem. Liked how she had an intro meeting with an outline of what to expect from the trip. - Stacie from Missouri

Marta was flexible when scheduling adjustments needed to be made. She was especially careful to keep us eating at “safe” restaurants and a good advocate at hotels. Some of our free time was sacrificed to save time and to keep us in safe eating places. - Mary Louise from Minnesota

Marta was wonderful. Very organized and caring that we all had a good experience. I would love to travel with her again. - Linda from Pennsylvania

Marta was fabulous. She made sure everyone was happy and tried to anticipate everyone’s needs. She is a joy! - Tammy from New Jersey

I really enjoyed Marta. She was very professional. She made sure everyone was doing okay and took care of any problems efficiently. All the ladies in the group liked her very much. - Lynne from Illinois

This was the best group of women on any tour I’ve experienced. Marta inspired us! Raf was an incredible guide – the sights were beyond my expectations.  One of the most gratifying, fun, Sights and Soul trips. – Joan from California

Great tour – great women – great Egypt specialist – loved Marta! - Kim from Virginia

This was a most fascinating and educational trip: I greatly appreciated the knowledge of our local guides. There is nothing like actually standing next to the pyramids and the Sphinx, going down into the beautifully decorated tombs and walking through the amazing temples of Egypt and Jordan! The tour leader, Marta, was always availableif/when needed. She was calm and through and extremely even-handed in dealing with all in the group. She was organized and collaborated well with the local guides. - Deborah from Florida

Marta really took care of all aspects of the tour – I didn’t have to worry or think about logistics. Mike and Peter were absolutely delightful too.  I would also like to point out that your office team is not only professional but communicated very well by providing excellent customer service. I arrived early and stayed late for the tour and April worked hard on arranging the additional days at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Thank you! – Susan from Washington

The best experience during the tour was meeting a fantastic group of well-traveled, open minded ladies who knew how to have a good time.  Marta was the perfect guide. Her Polish lessons were fun, and she was flexible and fun too, and so this tour beat all expectations. What a wonderful country! We were able to meet its people, experience the culture, history and some nature too. – Diana from Washington

Poland is a hidden gem. Marta is the best! – Kathy from Michigan

I loved everything! So much history! I am so glad I went since my father was born there, and this was the best trip ever. Marta and all the ladies were fantastic. – Barbara from Michigan

This was a great trip. It was full of depth and richness, and I enjoyed meeting and hanging out with the other women. Marta is a real treasure - she is balanced, and able to lead a disparate group of women who all got along with each other.  I know I am going to have to meet different leaders eventually, but really look forward to her trips. I have recommended your company to several people, including two individuals who will likely join up. Though there are lots of other companies, yours is well-organized, has varied programs, and feels like it really matters that we enjoy ourselves. – Meg from Pennsylvania

This trip was a dream come true. I still don’t believe I went. The women I met on the tour were great. We had a lot of laughs. Our tour guide, Marta, was the best. Every day was a great experience. I enjoyed eating gelato daily. I loved Ravello and the cooking class. – Patty from South Carolina

Pompeii was impressive, as was dining with the ladies at exceptional places with great food. Marta was exceptional, couldn’t ask for more! This was my third women-only tour group, and none is even close to this one. – Linda from Pennsylvania

From start to finish it was perfect. Marta was outstanding. The women on the tour were outstanding. The meals were outstanding. The professional local guides were outstanding. The whole trip: Bellissimo! – Kathy from Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed all 3 tours: wonderful guides, great food, everyone got along well, a memorable experience. So glad I did these 3 (Morocco, Spain, Portugal) in a row. In many cases, history just flowed and connected from one to the other. Marta, Kerry and Angela were all great tour leaders, each with a different personality and style of leading, but all equal in greatly enhancing their trip. – Andrea from Nevada

Morocco was fantastic. We hit all the “must see” places & I loved every minute. I loved Fes! And Marta really cares about each person’s comfort and happiness and it shows! – Victoria from New Jersey

First experience with an all-women travel group. I was favorably impressed. It was great! Lots to see and do every day. Great accommodations and wonderful food. Well organized, ran smoothly, plenty of variety in activities. Marta and Peter did a great job. Peter is certainly a wonderful ambassador for Scotland! – Cathy from Ontario

The Paris and Provence tour was beautiful. For me, I loved the dinner in the Eiffel Tower and going up to it. I had been to France many, many years ago and didn’t remember much. The tour exceeded my expectations, as Sights and Soul always does. It was magical, and Marta was an amazing tour leader. She is patient, understanding, knowledgeable and fun. – Tiffany from Wisconsin

The small group format is perfect for navigating places and having a personal experience. The tour was well organized with a variety of activities. Lodging and meals were just right and provide big bang for the buck. Marta was perfect: watchful, interesting & interested, prepared and organized. – Diane from Washington

I loved the magical, mystical beauty of Scotland: the beautiful Eilean Donan castle, the hike through the Weeping Glen, and the Isle of Skye! It was an experience I shall always remember. Marta was a wonderful tour leader, always prepared, respectful, she really listened to us. Peter, the driver/guide was great fun and informative. – Gene from Virginia

The tour gave an excellent overview of this beautiful country. The women were great. Our bus driver, Peter, was fantastic. He was so knowledgeable and greatly enhanced our appreciation of Scotland. Marta is an excellent tour leader, who kept us informed about each day’s activities. – Annika from Illinois

I want to thank you for creating your superb tour, the Jewels of Eastern Europe. This tour was one of the best travel experiences of my life. I particularly appreciated how you created a sense of community and comradeship early on by getting us to introduce ourselves by email. And then there was Marta, wow, this woman is the Michelangelo of tour leaders, in the way she set the tone of the group and the way she guided and led us so professionally, with such genuine care and concern, always calm and unflappable, so patient with each one of us. Her whole focus was on creating the very best experience she could for each of us every single day, it was all about us. – Janifer from Victoria, Australia

This tour was amazing, from the food, sights, smells and the group of people. I have wanted to see the Netherlands and Belgium for as I can remember, and this trip exceeded my expectations and will be the trip I will always remember. Marta was amazing. She brought the tour to life and has the patience of a saint! – Tiffany from Wisconsin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than being there is worth a million. This was an exceptional trip. I was swept over with emotion at the beauty of the tulip fields and the flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens. The entire tour was one great experience after another, I will definitely go with Sights and Soul Travels again. Thanks again to Marta, she was a wonderful tour guide. – Beverly from Florida

The trip was Awesome! Marvelous! Fantastic---as always. The choices of activities, accommodations, and restaurants were superb. On a scale of 10, this trip gets an 11. Thank you and many thanks to Marta who made this trip a success. The choreographing of schedules is complex and Marta made it seamless and transparent and did so cheerfully. She is a real pro at herding cats! I can't wait for the next trip with Sights and Souls. – Connie from Oregon

Such a great tour!! Poland is a well-kept secret. Fascinating history, beautiful cities and countryside, delicious food, inexpensive shopping. Lovely group of women. And Marta is terrific! Warm, friendly and caring. I hope I get a chance to travel with her again. – Lynne from Massachusetts

Thank you for a fabulous trip, Marta is a wonderful guide and so was Greg, when my head clears I will write more (jet lag). You did not leave anything out. I have been on many tours this was one of the best. As were the guides. – Shirley from Maryland

I'm back in California... and sharing my memories of this most educational trip with friends and family.  Who would have thought that Poland is a culinary destination!  Marta did an outstanding job.... Everyone we met was friendly and hospitable.  Loved the variety of experiences we had....rafting, horse and carriage rides, major cities and the gorgeous Tatra Mtns....lots of history... – Marna from California

Poland was fabulous. I was always reluctant to go on a group tour, but this was more like traveling with a bunch of friends. Thanks for planning such an excellent experience and thank you so much to Greg, and of course Marta, for being such outstanding guides and travel companions. – Debby from Maryland

We very much enjoyed the whole experience, much of which was the idea of a small group of women travelling together.  Our tour guide, Marta, was first class not only in her knowledge of the cities we visited but in her very expert care she took of all of us. Your choice of hotels was excellent including accommodations, location and service; the staff in Budapest could have been a little friendlier.  We loved it that all hotels were close to the city's vibrant sections for shopping, exploring and eating. Probably the biggest surprise were the amazing lunches and dinners; wonderful food with very generous menu choices in interesting and varied places, all in historic buildings. Certainly they were among the highlight of the trip. – Marcia from New York

I think that the Eastern Europe tour was fabulous in every way. The restaurants that we attended as a group were wonderful and loads of fun. Marta was always attentive and very knowledgeable about the tour cities. – Beth from New York


Marlene was born and raised in Provence, France. After graduating from the International Commerce Institute with a degree in Spanish and English, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa and spent a year living in the US. Marlene has been leading Sights and Soul Travels’ groups since 2010, and has developed a loyal following among the company’s clients. Her special talents lie not only in her superb social and organizational skills, but also in her passion and enthusiasm for the destinations where she leads the tour and her caring and warm attitude.

Tours led in the past: Cambodia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Easter Island, Ecuador, France, Laos, Myanmar, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe & Botswana, Egypt, Jordan, Israel

Marlene was fabulous. She cared for us from the day we stepped foot in the hotel until we left. Her communication was excellent, and her photos were spectacular! She took the time to do a photo contest amongst us women complete with prizes which was so much fun! - Yvonne from Arizona (Morocco 2024)

Marlene was fabulous in every way. Very organized, always happy and tried her best to make every request possible. - Debbie from California (Costa Rica 1, 2024)

Marlene is always friendly and fun, on top of every detail, and so competent that you don't have to worry about anything!  She shouldn't change anything, her approach is clearly working. - Susan from Massachusetts (Costa Rica 1 2024)

Marlene is the person that made this trip so special. Her knowledge (her descriptions could make you feel the history), her organizational skills and her patience are outstanding. She was our ‘mother hen’. - Robbie from British Columbia

Marlene was an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable tour guide in her home area. It is evident that she loves her country and wants everyone to have the best experience. She was also a super star at managing, in my opinion, a difficult and trying group member. I would not have been as gracious to the many rude comments and demands of this one group member. Marlene remained at a professional level, considering the needs of the group with every decision she made in response to this person. The tour could have taken a nasty turn but Marlene kept us all engaged and interested and on an even keel. She modeled an attitude and behavior that the rest of the group emulated with great success. - Patricia from California

Marlene was an amazing tour director, super responsive and incredibly helpful; really can't say enough about how much she went above and beyond to make it as easy as possible so that everyone enjoyed their time. She went above and beyond to help everyone. She was accommodating if some of us wanted extra time in places or if we wanted to skip something. She had a great knowledge and love of her home. She gave great recommendations and took lots of pictures for us. - Danielle from North Carolina

I love Marlene. She was kind, considerate, responsible and everything was excellent w her. - Eileen from South Carolina

I love the free spirit and fun character of Marlene.  She did a fantastic job of coordinating the meals and events, dealt with unfortunate sickness and injury the best she could during the tour and took excellent photos and shared them. - Jan from Minnesota

Marlene was friendly and caring, and treated everyone equally. She answered all questions. Mostly, she shared all our experiences and had fun!! - Jill from Wisconsin

Marlene is a wonderful Tour Director! This was my 2nd tour with her and she is energetic, compassionate, organized and really just a fun person to be around. Marlene is also a great photographer which is definitely a big plus. - Debbie from Tennessee

Being a person with diet restrictions (gluten-free), I cannot say enough about how helpful Marlene was to make this a non-issue. It was greatly appreciated. This is the first attempt at travel with this issue. Thank you! -  Ellen from Tennessee

Marlene was so invested in all of us having a good time and went out of her way to make sure everyone had what they needed. - Melanie from Texas

Marlene’s knowledge and enthusiasm made the trip, and her ability to calmly deal with the Covid “hiccups” helped us all. - Marcia from Tennessee

She interacted with everyone to make sure we were enjoying the trip. – Sally Ann from Ohio

Marlene was very attentive to our needs. She was knowledgeable about Peru, customs, etc. – Orma from Pennsylvania

Marlene did a fantastic job of bringing the group together with her enthusiasm for the trip! – Char from Nevada

Marlene is a wonderful tour director! Her energy, positivity and helpfulness were just wonderful in every way! – Susan from Massachusetts

Marlene was amazing – she went above + beyond to make sure we were comfortable + enjoyed the trip! She took great care to make sure our needs were met and we were able to enjoy custom experiences. I wanted to try frog legs before the trip was over so she made the trip into a restaurant and brought them to the villa for the chef to prepare on my behalf. Just an amazing guide who wanted to make sure we got the most out of our trip! – Alice from Illinois

Marlene was a breath of fresh air as a tour director. She’s energetic, enthusiastic and so knowledgeable. Marlene’s English was perfect and she was a wealth of information. Very pleasant to be around. She made the trip what is was!! Her enthusiasm for her country shows and her knowledge is impressive. She really seemed to enjoy being around the group. I found in the past that the tour director can make or break a tour and Marlene made this tour! – Alice from Pennsylvania

Marlene was just great – kept track of us but also allowed some personal flexibility. – Jane from Washington

Marlene is a high energy person and worked tirelessly to assist participants in achieving their “must do” list. Marlene is great in recommending wines. – Alice from Georgia

Marlene added the excitement and enthusiasm that a lot of tours lack. Her knowledge of the area and her love for it made it much more enjoyable for me. She was an excellent leader. – Doris from North Carolina

Marlene was fabulous once again. Always attentive & fun, not to mention competent. – Susan from Massachusetts

Marlene was wonderful. She went above and beyond my expectations. – Jamie from Washington

Marlene was absolutely lovely – engaging, knowledgeable, kind, diplomatic and talented! We couldn’t have asked for a better tour leader. Understanding of our needs (when we were tired) and so professional yet personable at all times. She is an asset to your company! – Stephanie from British Columbia

Marlene was the perfect combination of cat herder, cheerleader, adult in the room, and friend. She should not change a single thing. – Wendy from Virginia

Marlene was GREAT! Her bubbly personality made it fun and she went far above the call of duty. Everything went so smoothly because she was so organized.  It was all hassle free. – Patricia from Arizona

I loved the tour, we saw a lot of interesting things (villages) that were off the beaten path.  I loved the Shaman, Machu Picchu, the reed islands. I liked the upscale accommodations which were nicer than I would have booked for myself, but a real treat. Marlene could not have been a better tour leader.  She was inclusive, fun, and on top off all the details. - Susan from Massachusetts

An outstanding adventure. China has so much influence on our world, it was important to learn something about them. The tour was fascinating and well designed. Hotels were top notch. The group was great, and I just can't say enough about Marlene. She was so friendly, caring and helpful. A wonderful young woman. – Paddi from Alberta

Marlene was amazing! Her personality is so engaging, and she is well versed in the arts and history. Thank you for organizing a wonderful trip. – Kathleen from Ohio

Dropping you a line to tell you that I thought the trip to Peru was a fabulous experience.  Just now sorting through pictures and remembering the journey. The "sights" we saw, the people we met, gave us a bird's eye view of the "soul" of the beautiful country.  Marlene was a great leader.  I also loved Yvette as a local guide who was with us for several days and Jean Jacques' honest approach to Machu Picchu. – Paula from Connecticut

It was more than I imagined it would be. Exploring Provence with Marlene was exceptional and meeting other women in the tour was great. Everything was just delightful! I truly loved staying at Mas des Carassins, it was exquisite and the staff was terrific. Thank you! – Theresa from New York

Marlene was knowledgeable, caring, had a can-do attitude and was always smiling. She truly is a gem. I also want to say thank you to all our other tour guides and bus drivers who made all our excursions go so smoothly. I would recommend Sights and Soul to anyone interested in traveling with a group and if the opportunity arises I would love to travel with you again. – Lois from New York

I experienced so many wonderful new things it would be hard to single out one best thing. Each day brought something new. I had so longed to experience Peru that I just literally soaked it all up. Marlene was great! She went above and beyond what I thought a tour leader would do. In general, this tour exceeded my expectations! I learned so much and got to experience so much of the culture of Peru! – Rexanna from Missouri

Peru was the trip of a lifetime. Marlene was wonderful – could not have been better. I love traveling with SST. – Karen from Florida

The Peru trip was excellent. Marlene was awesome. Always looking out for us, addressed any concerns, and stayed calm in all situations. The entire tour was fantastic. The hotels were perfect and the agenda was packed, so I saw everything I wanted to see, too! – Julia from New York

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Peru - the people, the food and the sights were fabulous.  On a side note, the hotel in Cusco was outstanding - I loved the blend of old and new. Marlene was a great tour leader.  She is patient, enthusiastic and always upbeat! Thank you for arranging such an interesting tour! – Pam from Alberta

I can’t say enough about the Peruvian trip. Marlene’s enthusiasm and the local guides made the trip very special. The Peruvian accommodations were excellent since I so believe in nature conservation and environmental protection. The theme of Andean Women’s Culture was woven throughout and very evident.  The visits to see the ancient native communities of Cuyuni and the Uros reed isles people were outstanding. The food was delicious (best & most consistent of any trips I can remember) since I could tell no pesticides or artificial chemicals. The Andean scenery, animals and botanical flowers were a sight to behold. I took over 600 photos.  We were blessed with very good weather. The group of ladies were varied and fun. I made some special friendships. I came home satisfied and a smile on my face that I had seen/learned everything I had expected and much MORE. – Lou from Florida

The trip was fantastique, magnifique, and way exceeded my expectations. The French were pleasant and helpful, the food phenomenal, the activities were educational, exciting, and I enjoyed every minute. Becky deserves a great amount of credit for herding us  around a foreign country, keeping us organized and happy. Marlene was a fabulous tour guide. She has so much knowledge and was fun to be with.  It is hard to place things in 1st or 2nd place but one of my most favorite experience was the picnic at Eddie Feraud's vineyard. Everything else is just a different shade of 1st place! It was a long 28 hour trip back home but worth every minute. I look forward to my next trip with Sights and Souls. – Connie from Oregon


Kerry lives in Nevada, and she appreciates the great outdoors, great food and great wines. She has been leading Sights and Soul Travels' tours since 2013, concentrating on Europe and South America. Kerry thrives in a group environment, especially when she is able to fit all the puzzle pieces together and create unforgettable travel moments for women who travel with her. Kerry brings in excellent people skills, passion for discoveries and boundless energy to groups that she leads, along with superb organizational skills and her "can do" attitude. When not traveling, Kerry works in the medical field, and beyond her husband and her four children, her interests extend to such varied fields as yoga and literature.

Tours led in the past: Amalfi Coast, Argentina, the Baltics, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Holland & Belgium, Iceland, India, Indonesia - Bali, Ireland, Israel, Norway Summer, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Venice, Zimbabwe and Botswana

Kerry gets 5 stars as usual, and part of the reason i chose to go on this trip was because I knew Kerry was the Tour Director. She is professional, friendly and fun! - Ruth from New York (Bali 2024)

She was fabulous!  Made us feel comfortable, engaged with the group, and made sure we had fun. - Jill from Wisconsin (Vietnam and Cambodia 2 2023)

Kerry was the perfect "mother hen." She gave us both structure and flexibility in terms of the schedule, and seemed to feed off our enthusiasm while adding her own. She is the ideal tour director, and I would seek out tours that she leads. I also loved that she set up a Cluster photo feed. HUGE improvement over using WhatsApp for photos. - Anne from North Carolina (Vietnam and Cambodia 2023)

Kerry is amazing. She is organized, decisive, clear, calm and fun!!! She herds 'cats' really well and without an overbearing hand. She is probably my favorite S&S Tour Director at this point. - Maria from North Carolina (Vietnam & Cambodia 2023)

Kerry was wonderful.  She engaged easily with the group, and offered us a few "extras" such as a massage at one place and an extra drink at another. (Vietnam & Cambodia 2023) - Jane from Texas

Kerry, our group leader, was there for us the entire trip. She was kind, understanding, reassuring and calm, a really great tour leader! - Genie from Virginia

Kerry was enthusiastic, a great organizer, a great planner, and a great leader. - Ann from North Carolina

I had heard from others about Kerry's awesomeness so I had high expectations. She was a gem. I am not sure how she managed to make everything seem so flawless and smooth when I know there were glitches. She worked those phones and made our travel stress-free. This was a fantastic group of women who got along from day one. Kerry's demeanor and attitude set the tone. - Patricia from California

Kerry was AMAZING!  She is the perfect blend of professional and BBF!  She was the sunshine of our group on the many overcast days we had!  Kerry was everywhere, handling everything. and making our tour perfect!  There was a sign in the restaurant that we went to for our farewell dinner which was very apropos in describing Kerry -  "People may forget what you said and what you did but they never forget how your made them feel".  I can't wait to travel on tour with her again! - Kermala from Michigan

Kerry was great as usual.  I have taken several tours with her and I love her.  She is interested in everyone, and includes even shyer, quieter women in the group's interactions.  She pro-actively addresses potential problems and has answers to all of our questions. She makes everything so easy for all of us! – Kathy from Ohio

Kerry was amazing! She was so full of energy and faced any issues with humor and efficiency. I could not have asked for a better tour director. She could not have done anything any differently. I look forward to travelling with her in the future!  - Brandy from Oklahoma

Kerry was fabulous! She is very personable with everyone, organized, great communicator, and takes charge which I like. – Lynn from Ohio

She was hands on from the beginning as each of us arrived until we all departed.  She was confident, strong and a great leader; however, she was also someone who you could have a drink with and share common interests and ideas. – Nancy from California

I loved, loved, loved Kerry. She is friendly, positive, energetic, funny, and just plain fun. She made the tour! I really liked that she made an effort to get to know each of us individually. She seemed to understand our different personalities and knew how to interact with each of us on a personal level…. I really can’t think of anything she could have done differently. – Kermala from Michigan

The tour director was experienced – both in general and with the countries we visited. This gave me peace of mind. - Deirdre from MD

Kerry was positive and caring and seemed to be as genuinely impressed with Norway as we were. – Randi from North Carolina

Kerry was wonderful. I have diet restrictions and Kerry always made sure I was taken care of. She is good at making the group cohesive. – Diane from Iowa

Kerry was great! Efficient, friendly and on top of her game. – Gail from Florida

Kerry was great! She did a fantastic job. Can’t think of anything else she could have done. Enjoyed traveling with her. – Joan from Florida

Kerry was terrific. She was very engaging, kept everything organized and on track and was flexible when any of us wanted to do our own thing. – Jonelle from Illinois

Kerry was awesome on the trip. She created an atmosphere of friendliness and openness which made the entire group feel comfortable immediately. She shared stories of her previous trips during dinner which kept us entertained. She was great at explaining exactly what we were going to be doing, and when we needed to be somewhere. – Linda from California

Kerry was friendly, conscientious and decisive. Informative too! Great director. – Gloria from Michigan

Kerry did a wonderful job. – Char from Nevada

Kerry was excellent! She was always present but stayed in the background. No mother henning on her part, really liked! – Kathy from Wisconsin

Kerry was awesome. How she managed to keep track of 18 women and still have them feel independent was amazing. – Ann Kathleen from Pennsylvania

Kerry is fantastic, she reminded everyone we were to be open & this is an adventure. She is amazing. – Tammy from New Jersey

Kerry is amazing! This was my second tour with her and I signed up for India specifically because she was the leader. Have a 3rd tour with her in July. – Roxanne from Missouri

Kerry was a super tour leader. She was enthusiastic about everything, she is both confident and competent. She even convinced more than half of our group to volunteer for roles in the “play” that volunteers put on during each cruise. Because she is leading the Egypt trip in 2019, I decided to sign up for that trip. With her leading, I know it will be great and will be safe.  – Christine from Ontario, Canada

Kerry is an absolute gem! She did an excellent job taking care of us. – Cheryl from California

Kerry was FANTASTIC! She came in early, as did we, and I truly enjoyed having dinner with her at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. She was so down to earth and personable. She was always there to help us and I feel I’ve made a true friend. – Teresa from Pennsylvania

Kerry was a very good leader – I felt she could handle any situation that might arise. She made every effort to assure each of us was having a good experience. Would be happy to travel with her again. – Maureen from Virginia

Kerry was an excellent tour director. Well informed, caring and fun to be with. – Marilyn from Rhode Island

Kerry was GREAT. She was friendly, fun and organized! – Ellen from Massachusetts

Kerry’s enthusiasm enhanced the tour. I’ll always remember Kerry cheering me on during the hike up the volcano. – Margaret from California

Kerry is friendly, relaxed, inclusive of everyone, organized and efficient! – Delora from North Carolina

Kudos to Kerry for handling all the different personalities of this group.  She was efficient, totally a leader and kept us all in tune.  I would travel with her with no reservations. - Linda from Illinois

Kerry was amazing. She was friendly, knowledgeable, calm + very capable of multi-tasking. I’ve pre-registered for your Romania trip partly because she’ll be leading the tour. – Kathy from Ohio

The tour to South Africa far exceeded my expectations. Although all my Sights and Soul Tours have been wonderful this was my favorite! The Kapama Safaris far exceed my expectations… Magical experiences! Kerry is awesome! There was a couple of difficult ladies on this tour and she handled them professionally and patiently. After two tours with Kerry I now consider her a friend and can’t wait to travel with her again! – Denise from Indiana

I have been internet following several tour groups for women over the past few years. Sights and Soul always came to the top of my list to try. There were so many memorable experiences on this trip, it’s very hard to say which was “the best”.  I was extremely impressed with Kerry’s professionalism and knowledge of South Africa and what would enhance our tour experiences.  I always felt so comfortable being under her capable guidance throughout the tour. I felt that she sincerely wanted me (and every person in our group) to gain experiences that would appeal to my sense of travel curiosity and adventure. She is an excellent tour leader.  I would definitely consider Sights and Soul Travels for any upcoming trips. Still undecided on destinations. Well organized with just the right amount of flexibility to enhance our experiences. – Bonnie from Missouri

S&S is a wonderful women’s tour group that is exceptionally well planned. Kerry is a caring, friendly face to everyone. Exploring all the sights in a small, safe surrounding made for a fabulous trip. Do not hesitate if you are a solo traveler – you will be welcomed and never feel alone. This was my first trip with S&S and would highly recommend it. It was an outstanding experience for women who share the love of travel and adventures. - Joyce from Ohio

Excellent tour as usual. Sights and Soul is a class act. - Karen from New Hampshire

This was my 3rd trip with S+S. Each one exceeded my expectations. Seeing the animals close up and so many of them was breath-taking, but also the guides were able to provide a real feel for Arica. The tribal village was a high point. Kerry, our tour leader implies confidence. I always felt we would be on schedule and where we needed to be, yet she was flexible when needed. Thanks S+S for another memorable adventure. - Mary Jo from Virginia

This tour was much more than I could imagine it would be! The tours and meals exceeded my expectations. The accommodations were all wonderful. The Commodore was a great location, convenient to the waterfront. Camp Kapama was fabulous! The tour to a Namibian village was one of the many highlights of the trip. I really enjoyed the jeep and boat safaris – happy to have done both trips together. Kerry was great! She always asked how everything is and joined different people from the group for shopping, dinner, etc. and spent time with everyone. I can’t think of anything she could have done better. - Donna from Pennsylvania

Can't say enough about the wonderful trip.  From the hotels to the tours and the restaurants, everything was top notch and I could tell that there was a lot of thought and planning into the process. Our tour guide Kerry was fabulous, she really went above and beyond in making sure we were all well taken care of.  I will be recommending Sights and Soul and look forward to taking another trip. I have traveled with another women's travel group and Sights and Soul is by far a better company in so many ways.  Thanks for making  the trip to Holland & Belgium a memorable experience! – Kathleen from Illinois

I really enjoyed all 3 tours: wonderful guides, great food, everyone got along well, a memorable experience. So glad I did these 3 (Morocco, Spain, Portugal) in a row. In many cases, history just flowed and connected from one to the other. Marta, Kerry and Angela were all great tour leaders, each with a different personality and style of leading, but all equal in greatly enhancing their trip. – Andrea from Nevada

I felt very pampered – which can be very nice. It was good to see two countries that are so different in how they have progressed into the 21st century. Both this tour and the tour to South Africa made me want to learn more about sub-Saharan Africa. Kerry mixed well with everyone and was open and energetic. I can think of nothing that could have been done differently and would be very pleased to have her as the leader of one of my future tours. – Diana from Washington

This was my second tour with S+S. Everything from Kerry, our tour leader, guides and accommodations and food were perfect. The other ladies were friendly and welcoming. I will definitely travel with S&S again. – Karen from Oklahoma

Victoria Falls – a beauty to behold. Chobe where you can see the hippos play + eat + crocodiles lounge! What a place! This was my 5th trip with S+ST. The plan for visiting these exotic countries with a planned itinerary was set up for maximum enjoyment. Kerry did a great job. – Karla from Colorado

First of all, I have never seen such attention to detail from any tour company. I was equally impressed by the personal, prompt responses to any questions I had prior to departure. Second, the tour leader only added to the experience. Kerry was efficient, calm and caring. Having her with us, I knew that any glitches or mishaps would only be minor inconveniences.  Overall, the itinerary and the group itself was wonderful. – Laura from South Carolina

S+S Travels thoroughly impressed me and made my first overseas trip very memorable. Thank you! Kerry was wonderful, I can’t think of a single thing she could have done differently, she took good care of us, made the trip fun / enjoyable. – Sharon from Michigan

Thank you for having a tour to the Amalfi Coast. It exceeded my expectations. It was wonderful to meet Kerry and she was an excellent tour guide. Just exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the others. I will have a lifetime of great memories from this trip. Look forward to taking another trip with Sights and Souls. This was my first. – Julie from Missouri

The all woman, small, intimate group was just what I was looking for. And Kerry was wonderful, full of excitement, always kind and willing to assist anyone who needed extra help. – Barbara from Massachusetts

Argentina was fantastic - such a vibrant and exciting country! The food, the sights and the people are outstanding. Kerry is a great tour leader as she has a great sense of humour and she is patient, enthusiastic, and concerned about everyone. Thanks for another wonderful travel experience. – Pam from Alberta

Sights + Soul has been my travel “to go” group for 5 years. I am always happy and secure on every trip. Never has there been a problem. I am proud to travel with S + S! The Ireland tour was fantastic and fun, and Kerry was delightful. She is smart, energetic and fun to travel with. She is very caring. I hope to travel with her again soon! All the activities around Killarney were truly memorable. Fantastic hotel & food! My idea of Ireland! – Kim from Texas

It was great! Loved the day trips and exposure to new parts of the Spanish culture. I know so much more about Spain now. Kerry was a great tour leader. Friendly and handled every detail of traveling . She fit in as a friend, who had answers to most every question, and took care of the details that would have been intimidating to me – navigating train stations and metro systems, handling hotels. It was so relaxing knowing that she will handle all the details. – Kathy from Ohio

It was the perfect mix of history, culture & fun. The incredible food and drink didn’t hurt, either. Kerry went out of her way to make sure everyone had the best time possible & didn’t have to worry about anything. – Beverly from Maryland

It was great. I was in awe of the sights, culture and food, and I can’t wait for the next tour! Kerry was very personable, she did a very good job as a tour leader. – Diane from Texas

Kerry was a fantastic tour leader. She has a great problem solving ability (a record rainfall in Buenos Aires), great sense of humor and a positive attitude. I would love to travel with her again. – Arnetta from Florida

Loved it! It was a trip of a lifetime, and I’m so glad I decided to book with Sights and Soul. The places we visited and the people we met along the way in Argentina couldn’t have been better, and I enjoyed it all. Kerry was ever helpful, and we had plenty of issues (rain and delays), and she handled them all with class and great skill. – Julia from California

ANNE THOMPSON, North Carolina  
ANNE THOMPSON, North Carolina

Travel has always been an all-consuming passion for Anne. It started when she first traveled with her family to Greece for three months in 1972 and it continues today, not only in her individual adventures, having visited nearly 100 countries, but also as she leads groups of women on adventures around the world. Originally, she became a tour leader to meet new people who share her enthusiasm for discovering new places, new cultures and new cuisines, but she didn’t count on the fact that many of them would also become her life-long friends, as they have. Women who travel with Anne benefit from her experience, her resourcefulness, and her ability to handle successfully whatever may occur. Asides from travel, Anne is an avid reader, loves to cook and is passionate about history, architecture, and the arts.

Tours led in the past: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, England, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Jordan, Morocco, Norway Winter, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Botswana

Anne was very detailed and took care of everything. She was amazing. I would love to tour with her again! I loved how she helped us get to know one another. I also loved how she let us be ourselves and enjoy our vacation. She did a great job navigating the train stations and getting us where we needed to be. - Sue from Michigan (Spain 2024)

Anne made sure that we arrived on-time for tours and meals. Her knowledge of Greek as well as taking us to her favorite stores were appreciated.  She also took lots of photos to commemorate our fun times. - Anne from New Jersey (Greece 3 2023)

Anne Thompson was wonderful. She was patient, well organized, friendly, caring and knowledgeable. She kept us well informed and on track. She kept track of all of us so no one got lost!!  I cannot compliment her enough. She’s a gem! - Karyl from Florida (Greece 3 2023)

Anne's language skills and experience in, and love of, Greece made the trip much more insightful.  She also went out of her way to make sure we had the best seats possible on our flights and the ferry.  I really appreciated not being stuck in a middle seat on our flights. - Mary from Washington

Anne was great. Her extensive knowledge of Greece and her ability to speak the language certainly made for a great trip. I also loved that she generously offered options for our free time and gave up her "free time". - Judy from Pennsylvania

Anne was lovely.  Her knowledge, having done this tour before, and travel experience was invaluable.  She kept the group on track and worked very hard to make this an amazing experience for everyone. - Stephanie from Vancouver

It’s hard to imagine this tour without Anne.  Her Greek heritage provided that extra feel for Greek culture that I honestly believe made us feel more at home in Greece.  Her family story became part of the experience, as did the relationships that she has developed over the many times she has led this tour.  She is one part girlfriend, one part tour guide, and one part drill sergeant (or cat-herder if you prefer).  I hope she never ever changes the way she does this tour… - Wendy from North Carolina

Anne was fantastic ! Her knowledge of Greece and love for the country were evident. She was always approachable and happy to assist with anything I needed. She’s a pleasure to be around. - Mary from North Carolina

Anne was the best tour director I’ve had! She was always keeping us safe and together, giving us space when needed. She was just outstanding. – Rhoda from Florida

Anne is a excellent tour director. She handled everything with calm assurance and aplomb. During the free time we had, she made suggestions for activities and restaurants and made sure everyone felt included. I can’t think of anything she could have done better. – Adrianne from Florida

Anne was fantastic!! Cool demeanor, fun loving spirit. – Debby from Illinois

Anne is the perfect tour director! Her experience in the areas we visited and ability to speak Greek was an asset. She gave recommendations for places to shop and eat as well as where to take great photos – Donna from Pennsylvania

Anne was fabulous! I didn’t feel any pressure to participate in strenuous walks or activities. – Karen from Florida

Anne did a fantastic job in the tour. She was genuinely happy to be in Greece due to her heritage. The fact that she speaks the language and knows many things of Greece helps a lot during the tour. She was always helpful and enthusiastic answering any questions we had regarding Greece. She gave the best advice on shopping and always helped us to get the best bargain. – Janifer from Minnesota

Anne was excellent – she helped me relax & enjoy. I would not have her do anything differently. – Patricia from North Carolina

Can’t say enough about Anne Thompson. She has a great personality and a very good temperament to lead a tour. It’s not easy herding 15 people every day in the direction you want them to go. You can tell that she enjoys leading this tour. So just from the start, her personality is an enhancement. But she was “one of us” – yes, she was the Tour Director and gave us instructions but she also dove right in and did the tour with us as a friend and a fellow traveler. She went swimming with us, she cooked at the winery with us and for me, that was huge. Every day, there seemed to be optional things to do and Anne was right there with all the possibilities of what could be done and how you could do the optional things. She was happy to take us to do these optional things and was a part of what we were doing. – Leslie from Virginia

Anne was great! She was organized, patient and listened to the needs of individuals. – Fran from New York

Anne was fabulous! She was so organized and clear in telling us where we needed to be. She was so enthusiastic and positive that it was infectious. She did everything in her power to make sure everyone was having a wonderful time. – Amy from Massachusetts

Anne was absolutely terrific – I couldn’t ask for anyone that was more of an advocate for us – she went in the kitchen to see the catch of the day and she moved all of our airline seats to aisle seats so we’d be more comfortable!! Anne is awesome – I can’t wait to travel with her again! – Sheli from Pennsylvania

Anne was absolutely wonderful! Every i was dotted and t crossed. Handled every problem with professionalism. And the fact that she spoke Greek was an added bonus. – Carol from Maryland

There are some people in the world who find joy in extending acts of kindness to others; Anne Thompson is one of those people. Her knowledge of Greece and her organization skills made the trip most memorable. – Bettye from Maryland

It was my first tour alone as a widow and our guide Anne watched over us with care. I always felt safe. Anne was an amazing guide/director. Someone I would want as a lifelong friend. I’ll be traveling with her again. – Phyllis from Florida

Anne was a pleasure to have as our tour director. She worked hardtop make sure all women had a great experience. – Linda from Pennsylvania

Anne was wonderful. I was very worried because I missed my connecting flight in Paris to Casablanca. Anne was highly responsive with my texts, and calls and got me to the hotel safely. – Connie from New York

Anne was a great tour guide – she was fun and very organized. – Julie from New Mexico

Anne is a seasoned, patient and well organized tour director. She was superb! Anne did a great job with time management with the changes needed. She always behaved professionally. – Jan from Tennessee

It was an amazing trip with some amazing ladies. Special thanks to Anne Thompson for making the trip wonderful, fun and pleasurable. - Jolynn from North Carolina

The tour was great – loved the Snow Hotel, the city tours, my fellow sister-travelers, nighttime dogsledding, snowmobiling, and horseback riding. Anne was always excited to be with us and take group photos and offer options and advice. - Risa from New Jersey

Anne did a very good job. She was responsive to all needs and issues. - Carol from Nevada

LISA FRANCOIS, North Carolina 

Originally from San Diego, California, Lisa is a graduate of the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco. Since graduating in 2008, she has been able to share her love of travel, leading tours both domestically and internationally. Her passion for sharing the world with other women has been realized by her specializing in leading women-only and women-focused tours. She believes that we are all citizens of the world and it is important that we share our culture with others as well as experience theirs in order to better understand one another.

Tours led in the past: Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, England, Japan, Norway Winter, Peru, Scotland, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Ireland

Lisa was great! We had a canceled flight and she took care of everything, getting us where we needed to be and giving us a couple of experiences we had missed (weather) while we were delayed. It's so nice to have all the transportation issues covered even if surprises/delays occur. - Diane from Iowa (Australia 2 2023)

Lisa was the perfect tour director. She was always on top of the schedule and making sure we had the best experience possible. - Diane from Iowa (New Zealand 2 2023)

Lisa was well informed about what was coming up and always made sure that she knew how we got to the next event, ie restaurants, cruises, flights. I like not having to figure that out!  She worked well with the local guides. - Barbara from Calgary (Australia 2 2023 and New Zealand 2 2023)

Lisa Francois was great - she was so fun to travel with and made sure our days went smoothly. I would love to travel with her again in the future. - Marilyn from Texas

Lisa Francois was a great resource and always sure to lead us in the right direction due to her studying the route earlier. She was calm and pulled together at the airport line for baggage, which was absolutely necessary. She did a great job. - Janet from California

Lisa did an excellent job of keeping us on track and didn't change the schedule for 1-2 people. I appreciated how she made time for each of us, her delight in travel, and wonderful sense of humor. She is a lovely tour guide and does an awesome job! - Jelena from Delaware

I thought Lisa was great. She gave the right amount of guidance and the right amount of freedom. She didn’t buddy up to anyone in particular and tried to include everyone.  My travel partner is very quiet and doesn’t have a lot to say.  Lisa interacted with her wonderfully to pull her out of her shell.  Also, I appreciated that she has been to the area before and was familiar with what was there and could offer suggestions on restaurants or sites for free time. - Debbie from Oregon

Lisa was very good in keeping us all together and assuring we were there before we headed out somewhere else. I had a lot of questions for Lisa before the trip,  and she was very gracious in answering them all via email. In all, Lisa was very good in leading the group and answering questions. I cannot think of anything she could have done better. - Sharon from Texas

Lisa was fantastic. She was inclusive and was always there to help out when needed; she was very knowledgeable about London and the other places we visited. Lisa also enhanced our trip by inviting any of us that wanted to go to a musical in the famous theater district, Tina The Musical, on a free night. That was an amazing experience. - Sandra from California

Lisa was a great coordinator and did her best to make everyone feel welcome and included. - Jill from Wisconsin

Lisa was friendly, personable and super inclusive. She looked out for all of us and was super patient with our questions and comfort break needs. – Pia from Texas

Lisa was always upbeat and fun. She made sure we all knew what was happening, answered all questions, and was always available if needed. – Karen from New Hampshire

I liked that Lisa was very much a part of the group, friendly, and approachable. – Sherry from Nebraska

Lisa was great! She was helpful and fun to be around. – Sarah from Vermont

I absolutely loved this tour! Everything from the tea time in London to exploring Jane Austen was amazing. Lisa, the tour leader, had tons of great knowledge about everything. I am pretty much telling every woman I meet to check out your tours. – Lori from Illinois

A memorable tour not to be missed. Lisa was wonderful: patient, accommodating, friendly and helpful. An asset to the tour. – Virginia from Maryland


Angela was born and raised in Switzerland, but now she calls Palermo, Sicily her home. She has been working as a guide and a tour leader for more years than she likes to admit, and she especially enjoys leading women groups through destinations throughout Italy. Angela believes that traveling in the company of other women adds an extra dimension to the fabric of the journey, making travel and discoveries more fun, relaxed and enjoyable. Angela brings in her excellent social skills, her passion for sharing the cultures of the places where she leads the tours and unsurpassed organizational skills. Angela has been leading Sights and Soul groups in Sicily since 2015, and she has developed a loyal following among our travelers.

Tours led in the past: Sicily

Angela was excellent.  Her knowledge of the area, her willingness to help when needed, and her excellent communication skills made the trip for me.  There is nothing I can think of that Angela could have done differently.  She's a gem. - Paula from Oregon (Sicily 2023)

Our tour director Angela continually enhanced the tour with her knowledge. We were only 8 women and because it was a smaller tour Angela consulted with us on some of the agenda and we all voted to either do or not do some things. She went out of her way to help accommodate all of us in one way or another and actively took care of any of our concerns. She was attentive, but also personable. - Marie from Illinois

The camaraderie in the entire group and with Angela greatly contributed to the extraordinary trip mood. S&S could not find more pleasant, kind and dedicated tour director than Angela and one can’t help to be fond of her. - Alena from California

Angela is absolutely phenomenal!! From her personality, her knowledge, her genuine caring and compassion she is the gold standard. She absolutely made the tour all that it could be!! - Priscilla from Florida

Angela is fabulous! She has a great sense of humor and was an encyclopedia of information! Loved hearing about Sicily. She was very clear with instructions for meeting times and activities, and very patient with all of us. – Betsie from Georgia

She was outstanding in many ways. The fact that she has lived in Sicily for many years was a plus. – Carol from New York

Angela was very knowledgeable about Sicily and traveling with her was like being with a friend who lives there. – Kelly from South Carolina

Her knowledge of Sicily was remarkable and unsurpassable. – Myrna from Kentucky

Angela’s insight as a citizen of Sicily was invaluable. - Peggy from California

Angela was an amazing tour leader. Her enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge about all things Sicilian was wonderful. I would love to do another tour with her. – Anne from Rhode Island

Angela was always looking out for us, and did everything she could to make everything go smoothly. She’s a fabulous tour director. – Susan from Colorado

She is a treasure. Always there, always aware! – Mary from Florida

Angela is an amazing tour director! Her knowledge of Sicily, her enthusiasm; her network of contacts made the trip an over the top experience! – Joan from California

Angela made us all feel as a close knit group as if was just a traveler and her. She is amazing. Best tour direct I have ever had! She makes you feel as if it is all about you, recaps things every day, adding prior days. She has an immense passion for what she does. – Dot from New Hampshire

Angela is phenomenal – a true asset to Sights and Soul, as she regularly went above and beyond to ensure the best experience for everyone. - Laurel from Connecticut

The tour was incredible. I loved the art and architecture and learning about the cultural melting pot of Sicily. All the destinations and local guides were wonderful. Angela was an amazing guide. The best experience during the tour were the dinners, which were delicious and as a vegetarian, I never felt deprived or disappointed, and they also fostered the comradery of the group. I did not know anyone ahead of time and felt always at ease. It was a pleasure to meet all the wonderful women in our group. - Lisa from Oregon


Ingibjörg lives in Iceland. She has always been fond of traveling, so she devotes a lot of her leisure time visiting places around the world. Inga's first career was as a special education teacher, however after many years teaching, she went back to school and earned another degree - in tourism management and tour guiding. She now works exclusively in tourism, both as a tour guide in Iceland and as a tour director. Since 2016, Ingibjörg has guided several Sights and Soul Travels' groups in Iceland, and we were so impressed with her knowledge, charisma and passion that we asked her to join our team of tour directors. She loves introducing people to Iceland, and considers it a privilege to work as a tour director for a tour operator who specializes in tours for women. When not sharing the wonders of travel with others, she enjoys hiking, reading and knitting.

Tours led in the past: Iceland, Thailand, Laos, Greece, Chile, Spain, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway Winter

Inga is an joy to travel with. She's always enthusiastic and encouraging in a kind and gentle way. She stayed calm and positive when dealing with situations outside her control. - Cindy from Florida (Norway Winter 2024)

Inga was great!  She was always looking out for us, was very friendly and overall, an excellent guide.  I cannot think of anything she should have done differently. - Karen from Louisiana (German Christmas Markets 2023)

This was my 3rd trip with Inga. She's simply the best. - Karen from New Hampshire (South Africa 2 2023)

Inga was great! She is a kind and compassionate tour guide who made sure everyone was included in all aspects of the tour. We had a couple of women who needed some assistance and Inga made sure it was provided. Inga communicated clearly times of events and offered a couple of dinners that we could meet as a group that were not included. I personally really enjoyed Inga as a person and have signed up for another tour with her in the fall of 2024. - Jeanine from Wyoming (South Africa 2 2023)

Inga is a fabulous Tour Director! She lives in Iceland and it was great learning about geology and culture from her. She is compassion, kind and very knowledgeable. I would be very happy to travel with her again. - Debbie from Tennessee

Inga and her knowledge of Iceland made this trip come alive. - Robin from Arizona

I really appreciated Inga's patience and kindness. This particular group included some interesting personalities, and everyone handled the situations well. - Anne from New Jersey

The tour director, Inga, was charming, compassionate, organized and SO MUCH FUN! All of the right qualities.
- Jill from Wisconsin

Can’t say enough about Inga, not only she is competent, organized, and caring but she can also be very calm under the most difficult of circumstances. Our plans for travel between Santorini to Crete changed overnight and still Inga managed to get everyone with their luggage on the 2 flights, without anyone missing any part of the sightseeing or lunch before leaving for the airport. - Usha from Illinois

Inga is so pleasant and interesting. She gave the guides ideas of cultural things to tell us about and reminded the guide of things like water or whatever our needs were. She engaged everyone in conversation. - Pat from Texas

The Tour Director, Inga, was calm, reassuring, and took good care of us. She made herself one of the group, but still was clearly in charge. I think she enjoyed the trip as much as we did, which is nice to believe. - Pat from Texas

Inga was fantastic. She exhibited professional behavior and was very organized. I enjoyed spending time with her. - Carrie from Florida

Inga was so calm, handled every situation with her quiet, efficient manner.  She was an absolute delight to travel with.  She was also competent and appropriate – Jane from Texas

Inga was always prepared and ready with her calm demeanor. It was like traveling with a friend. - Mary from Iowa

Her local knowledge and passion was great! – Brenda from New Jersey

Great tour director! You can tell Inga loves Iceland and enjoys sharing her country. – Cynthia from California

Ingibjorg went above and beyond. I have never had a guide personally meet me at arrival. She told us so many interesting things that most guides don’t. – Jan from Tennessee

Ingibjorg was great! Her knowledge and love for her country really showed. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the Vikings. – Pat from Massachusetts

S&S couldn’t have chosen a better tour guide than the firm yet friendly/gentle Inga. Her knowledge about and devotion to her country are unparalleled. (I’m still trying to remember the encouraging expression in Icelandic meaning that better days will come…). - Ariza from California

How can perfection be improved upon, it can’t.  Inga was truly absolutely wonderful. I have travelled a fair bit and have NEVER enjoyed a tour director as much. - Sandy from Ontario, Canada

I felt that our Iceland guide, Inge, really made the trip. She was the best local guide ever. I loved her warmth, soft mannerisms, and her wonderful story telling. Inge is very special. - Diana from British Columbia

Ingibjorg was a wonderful tour director! Her obvious passion for her home country of Iceland really enhanced the tour. She was organized, always kept us informed and on schedule, while keeping a positive attitude and managing any problems. I would love to travel with her again! – Sara from Maryland

Inga did a fabulous job! – Diane from California


Originally from Croatia, Marina has lived in five countries on three continents, and has travelled to thirty countries (and counting). She genuinely loves the journeys upon which she’s embarking and she enjoys sharing them with other people. She has a great appreciation of the exposure she had to all the different cultures, and she has been passionate about travel her whole life. Marina is an enthusiastic communicator and an active listener; she encourages conversation because travel isn’t just about enjoying the sites – it’s about meeting people and sharing experiences. She believes that travelling allows us to immerse ourselves in a different world; it opens our eyes, gladdens our heart, sharpens our mind, and brightens our life.

Tours led in the past: the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Croatia, Holland & Belgium, Vietnam, Ecuador, Costa Rica, England

Marina was great! I appreciate all she did for us. She is very personable and helpful. She navigated a change in plans (re Norway in a Nutshell) well. - Dawn from California (Norway Winter 2, 2024)

Marina was the best tour guide we had.  This is my third trip.  She was very dedicated and made sure we were all happy.  She knew the country and showed us the best of everything.  She was kind and sensitive. - Marge from British Columbia, Canada (Croatia 2 2023)

Marina is great. Great personality. Well organized. Patient. - Carole from Florida

Marina was perfect. So organized and helpful, always kind and compassionate. And so much fun. She encourages fun. - Pat from Texas

Marina worked tirelessly to keep everyone happy, and the tour moving forward seamlessly. She addressed the needs of everyone on the tour, and was a joy to travel with. - Gwendolyn from Arkansas

Marina was wonderful. She is very upbeat and positive and takes care of everyone. She had a couple of wrenches thrown into our plans and dealt with them as they happened. - Orma from Pennsylvania

Marina was great!  She was so pleasant, calm and incredibly organized. She accompanied me to a clinic in La Fortuna after I injured my shin. I will always remember her kindness towards me.  Plus, she's fun! A great dancer too. I will definitely go on future tours with Marina as Tour Director. - Rosemary from California

Marina was informed and involved.  I loved her energy and she laughed heartily especially at my jokes.  Very warm, personable lady. - Sharon from Illinois

Marina's enthusiastic and caring nature enhanced each day. She has a wonderful sense of humor and she was so well organized. Marina always listened, insightful, checked in on each person and tried to accommodate their needs. - Lois from Pennsylvania

Marina was great, her enthusiasm was contagious. When anyone had an issue she was right there with suggestions and assistance. She was knowlegeable about the tour, schedule, etc. and she made sure we knew what we would be doing and when to show up. - Diane from Iowa

Would love to have Marina again. So thoughtful and energetic. Great tour leader making everything EASY for us!!! Very inclusive of the group, too! - Nanci from North Carolina

Marina was wonderful! She was helpful, funny, flexible, supportive and knowledgeable. - Anne from North Carolina

Thank you for hiring Marina. She is a fantastic tour guide who has humor, flexibility, patience, creativity and lots of knowledge.  We couldn't have had anyone better and few are as good as she is. - Anne from North Carolina

Marina Rossow was fabulous.  She took care of so many details.  She was very kind and attentive.  She interacted with us. We all had a lot of fun. - Anne from Illinois

An outstanding guide, cat herder and new friend! Marina was the perfect leader for this merry band of women travelers. Making sure we were all included, taken care of and having the trip of a lifetime. I will be following where she goes next to see if I can follow and I will definitely be using sights and souls in the future ❤️ - Rebecca from New York

Marina was an outstanding tour guide. She kept us up to date with enough detail that I always knew what to expect. When things went a little sideways she managed to get us on track, find new a restaurant or whatever; always with a smile and enthusiastic attitude. - Patricia from California

Our journey to Holland and Belgium was BEYOND anything I could have hoped for!!  Marina was a smiling, whirling GEM of a leader and person!  Every chapter of the amazing 9 days was splendidly curated with superb guides, DIVINE eateries and gob-smacking history, architecture and all that is magnificent about that part of Europe. I feel rejuvenated and most fortunate to have taken the journey with so many neat gals with Sights and Soul. - Lynn from Maine

I always felt safe and knew the next activity would run smoothly. Marina was always checking in with us. It was like traveling with a new friend. - Mary from Iowa

Marina went beyond the call of duty by providing support to each of us. – Marlys from New Mexico


Monika lives in Krakow, Poland, and over her life she has travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, having visited more than 30 countries, both individually and with groups. Her professional experience in tour directing includes management and coordination of special interest and student groups from the US, Canada and Australia, and her focus is the Eastern European and Italian culture, lifestyle and history. Monika believes that sharing the cultural aspects of a destination with others reveals its true nature, and she loves how traveling with other women enhances the travel experience, as each woman shares her own knowledge and perception of it. Previously, Monika had a successful career in finance and real estate and her interests include photography, art, architecture, interior design and outdoor activities.

Tours led in the past: Venice, Tuscany

Monika was the perfect tour director. Her enthusiasm for Venice was contagious. I felt she was generously accommodating to everyone. I could go back again, as she was a treasure of a tour director. I thought her welcome emails were very helpful and loved her excitement at sharing her beloved Venice. Wonderful cicchetti (Monika took me to one of her favorite spots for cicchetti so tasty) and gelato (great little place near our hotel in Lenno). - Lois from Pennsylvania

Monika was amazing.  Really appreciated her humor, helpfulness, and intelligence.  Would go with her again. - Anne from North Carolina

I have just returned from my 1st S&S’s trip- the AWESOME Lake Como and Venice tour. It was just such an amazing 10 days in Italy! I can’t say enough about our excellent tour guide Monica- she was wonderful in every way and did a fabulous job! - Maryellen from Virginia

The tour director, Monika, was amazing, attentive and always made sure that my vegan options were readily available. She was very kind and understanding as well. - Karen Titus from New Jersey

I can't say enough good things about Monika. She was great, not just as a leader and keeping us together and giving options, but she went the extra lengths in helping me get my lost luggage and then again when my flight out was cancelled. She's definitely a keeper. I would hope to travel with her again. - Peggy from California


Patricia was born and raised in the Flemish part of Belgium. After graduating with a degree in French & Romance Philology, she earned a scholarship to study Portuguese language, culture and history in Lisbon in 1989 where she has lived and worked ever since. Moving to Portugal became a life-changing experience and in 2004, after finishing a degree in tour managing and tour guiding, she became an official accredited guide for Portugal. For 16 years it has been Patricia’s passion to introduce visitors to Portuguese culture and history by sharing her in-depth knowledge and personal experiences in this truly exceptional country that captured her heart. Fluent in Dutch, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, she has guided many tours all around Portugal. Patricia considers it a special privilege to welcome the Sights & Soul women travelers to wonderful Portugal.

Tours led in the past: Portugal

Our guide, Patricia, was not only a wonderful and educated guide, she is a beautiful soul. Her love for history and Portugal was very evident.  I have traveled all over the world with different guides and can attest to the fact that Patricia is one of the best!  We just adored her.

I hope to join another Sight and Soul tour in the near future and would highly recommend this tour company.

- Susan from (Portugal 2, 2024)

Patricia was exceptional...knowledgeable, personable, patient.  Couldn't improve her performance in any way. - Lynne from Idaho (Portugal ONE 2024)

Patricia was wonderful and she loved sharing her love for Portugal. She filled the bill of tour guide terrifically- a real gem!! - Sheli from Pennsylvania (Portugal 2 2023)

Patricia was extraordinarily competent and accommodating. She dealt with potential “issues” quickly and with grace. She obviously loves Portugal and sharing that love with others. What would you change for future tours?: Forbid excessive heat, crowds, and pouting rain! - Jane from Maryland (Portugal 2 2023)

It was my 8th trip with S&S and again it was wonderful. Patricia served as a Tour Director and Guide which was double duty and she was fantastic! Her love for Portugal showed as she shared information about the areas we visited and the history of the country. The places we visited was breathtaking and Patricia’s timing for our entrance was perfect. She handled herself professionally and was always looking after our comfort and safety… of course with her wonderful SMILE. A big bonus for 6 of us that went to Fatima was arranged by Patricia with an excellent guide was a memorable side trip. The place was getting ready for the October 13 celebration and pilgrims from everywhere came. It was special. - Janice from Hawaii

I just want you to know that I had a wonderful time visiting Portugal with Sights and Soul Travels. I made new friends, had many, many laughs while enjoying the sights. Patricia was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and accommodating as well as the ultimate professional. I look forward to joining Sights and Souls on future trips! - Leslie from Massachusetts (Portugal 2 2023)

It was GRAND, the tour, the women, the layered majesty of Portugal and amazing and extraordinary guide and human. It was my 2nd journey with S&S, hope to many more!! - Lynn from Maine (Portugal 2 2023)

Patricia was wonderful. Her knowledge of the history of Portugal is incredible. Her passion for the country and the people made everything come alive. She was extremely accommodating for everyone and always pleasant. - Connie from Massachusetts

Patricia was wonderful, so very knowledgeable. She really went in-depth about every site we visited. - Janie from Colorado

I quite liked the introductory walks through buzzing Lisbon and Porto led by the director / guide Patricia. The resident of Lisbon, Patricia tirelessly handled both the responsibilities of being an exceptional leader , an organizer,  and an intelligent, highly educated communicator. Patricia is such a lovely lady. I could relate to her very well and shared her concerns. - Alena from Texas

I wish to commend Sights and Soul for providing us with such an incredible guide to our Portugal trip. Patricia went above and beyond to accommodate every member of our group. When our luggage failed to show in transit, Patricia came the next day with a bag filled with her own clothes, to offer us assistance. It was a kind gesture, one that I will never forget. She always went above and beyond to make us feel at home. Her passion and knowledge of the country was next to none. She provided us with clarity and in-depth insight into the history of each area we visited. Patricia was quick to meet our needs and was extremely organized, empathetic, and kind to every member of our group. She was extremely accommodating and professional. She was always quick to inquire if every member's wishes were being met. If there was an issue, she would seek a solution to rectify it immediately. I have never had a guide this good and would recommend her for any future trips to Portugal and beyond. Her depth of knowledge surpassed any and all expectations and I personally feel blessed to have met her. - Andrea from Oregon

Patricia, the Tour Leader was great.  Very knowledgeable, organized and kept us all informed as to the daily schedule. - Barbara from Nevada


Travel is a passion that Lynn has followed since childhood. She started her career as a journalist, and later, while living in France and in England, she became a business and economics teacher. After joining the Foreign Service, Lynn served as a U.S. diplomat in Africa and Asia. Back in the U.S., she became a licensed DC tour guide in 1989 and soon afterwards, she started directing tours. Lynn’s particular love is women-only tours to destinations around the world, and she has led more than 50 such tours. She enjoys meeting the incredible women who travel on her tours, as well as the opportunity to share the world with them. Lynn holds a Master’s degree in Philanthropy and works with nonprofit organizations. Beyond travel, she enjoys producing live theatre shows.

Tours led in the past: Ireland, United Arab Emirates, the Baltics

Lynn was a steady presence on this tour. She quietly directed us and kept things moving along. Communication was excellent - enough information at the right time without overwhelming and the use of WhatsApp to put it all in writing for us. - Patricia from California

I was very pleased with the tour to Ireland.  Lynn was a very good tour leader—organized, very clear about the itinerary and very helpful if we needed any extra information. - Barbara from Alberta, Canada

Lynn was fantastic! She was very down to earth, easy to talk to and very helpful in every regard!!!! She went above and beyond!  I would definitely join another tour with Lynn!! - Shannon from British Columbia


Eileen has always loved sharing her passion for other places and other cultures with people she meets, and she has a special fondness for encouraging women to travel the world and experiencing the wonders it offers. Having lived in Israel as a teenager, Eileen has subsequently traveled extensively through Europe, Africa and Asia, and she visited China twice. Currently, Eileen enjoys guiding local tours in Alexandria, Virginia, teaching Scottish dance and Pilates. Besides travel, she loves taking her Great Pyrenees dog for long walks, riding her bike and gardening.

Tours led in the past: United Arab Emirates, Scotland

Scotland was lovely, beautiful scenery, great accomodations, great itinerary! Eileen was great - kept us all in line :) Enjoyed meeting new friends and enjoyed their company on the trip. S&S never disappoints!! - Jane from Texas (Scotland 1, 2024)

I wanted to express how much I enjoyed the company of Eileen as tour coordinator on this trip. What I especially liked about her was the way she naturally was a part of the group as well as organizing activities. She was outstanding in every way. - Stephanie from Florida (Dubai 2023)

Eileen, I can’t say enough good about her, she not only rose to the occasion with little notice but went above and beyond, and was totally delightful!  And we had the best group, always positive attitudes and so fun! - Sally from Maryland (United Arab Emirates, 2023)


Marta lives in Warsaw, Poland, and from an early age, she’s been fascinated with foreign languages, foreign lands, and foreign cultures. She started learning English and Russian at an early age, later adding Italian to her repertoire, in addition to her native Polish. After graduating with a Master of Art in History of Art, she continued expanding her understanding of foreign cultures while living in Ireland, in Switzerland, and in Italy. Soon, in Rome, she discovered what was to become her life’s passion: sharing her appreciation for various cultures with others, working as a tour guide and a tour leader. So ever since 2006, Marta has been leading tours in every corner of Europe, deepening her knowledge of each country, living her dream. As challenge became just another step on her life-path and adventure became a daily ritual, she is able to enrich travelers’ European experiences weaving stories of places and people into the overall picture. Marta loves what she does, and she especially appreciates slow travel in places both near and far, getting to the soul and the essence of each place she discovers for herself and for others.

Tours led in the past: Holland & Belgium

Marta was the best. Arranged everything meticulously and kept us on schedule. Cheerful and caring person. And personally, her assistance to me with my dental emergency was exemplary. - Kelly from Virginia (Holland and Belgium 1 2024)

I had a wonderful time. The tour leader Marta was excellent, she went above and beyond. Highly recommend this trip.
- Tina from Illinois (Holland & Belgium 1, 2024)

I can't say enough about Sights and Soul travel for the itinerary, hotels and restaurants chosen. Our tour director, Marta was amazing and fun to be around as she always went above and beyond for everyone.
- Linda from Wisconsin (Holland & Belgium 1, 2024)

This was my first trip with Sights and Souls and I can't wait for the next one! I can't say enough good things about our guide, Marta. I hope to travel with her again!
- Nancy from Texas (Holland & Belgium 1, 2024)

It was a great trip. Marta, our leader, was the absolute best! She did an outstanding job making sure every aspect of the trip was perfect. I will definitely travel with Sights and Soul again.
- Gwen from Arkansas (Holland & Belgium 1, 2024)

Loved every minute of this trip - the hotels, the sites, the food. Best of all was an amazing director - Marta. She made us feel so comfortable and cared for. 
- Joan from New York (Holland & Belgium 1, 2024)

BRANKA PLATTEN, United Kingdom 

For Branka, there is no better way to pursue her love of languages and diverse cultures than experiencing them through people and places. So more than anything else, she enjoys traveling with people of similar outlook, sharing discoveries, adventures and the excitement that surrounds them. Branka is a linguist and, in addition to her native Croatian, she speaks English, Spanish and Italian. After obtaining her degree in English Literature, she got involved in tourism, working in Southern Europe’s most beautiful locations: the Adriatic Sea, Cote d’Azur, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. She has lived in Turkey and Mallorca, before settling in London, England. Since early adolescence, her fascination has been with the ancient Roman, Egyptian and South American civilizations. When not traveling, Branka works in Adult Education, being a strong believer in Life Long Learning. She is committed to support and inspire those who have worked and raised families and now want to continue growing themselves, be it through travel, classes in art, creative writing, or languages, to help the intergenerational and cultural cohesion and integration. In addition, her interests include art, theatre, Shakespeare, reading and yoga.


Emily has always loved sharing her passion for travel with those around her. Her earliest memories include long car trips in the backseat of her family’s station wagon; when she was nine years old she took her first airplane flight, and the world opened up. She has lived in Washington, Florida, Utah, Ohio, California, and currently lives in Maryland with her family. Emily has been to all 50 states, has backpacked through Europe, including UK and Iceland, was fortunate to trek Nepal and India before the pandemic, and she is now working on hiking the Appalachian Trail one section at a time. In her free time she loves hiking, reading, and planning trips she someday hopes to take.