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Portugal's Silver Coast - Pre-reservation 2024 / 3

November 2024
(10 Days / 9 Nights)
This tour starts and ends in Lisbon

We are currently in the process of planning this tour. Once we have all the activities, dates, hotels and other details confirmed, and the pricing finalized, we will post a complete itinerary, including the price. If you would like to be notified of this tour's availability when the planning process is completed, please complete the pre-reservation form.

PORTUGAL - Lisbon and the Silver Coast

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The journey to Portugal offers magical landscapes of sandy beaches rimmed by burnished-gold cliffs, the impossible stone lace of Manueline architecture, fairytale walled towns, enchanted fishing villages and cosmopolitan seaside resorts, Baroque palaces and medieval convents, and golden hills topped with windmills and Moorish castles. The dramatic history of the monumental Portuguese discoveries is softened by the coral-colored hibiscus flowers, rustling palm trees and purple wisteria wrapping around centuries old stone walls, elegantly painted blue and white ceramic tiles, exquisite Portuguese porcelain and the soulful Fado music.

Portugal is a blissfully undiscovered destination with glorious beaches, bewitching grandeur of baroque palaces, superb cuisine, amazing wines and warm locals. This tour will allow you to not only create lifetime memories of a beautiful, yet meaningful place, but also create lasting friendships with like-minded women travelers.

HIGHLIGHTS: Dramatic beaches rimmed by burnished-gold cliffs ● Rustling palm trees and coral-colored hibiscus flowers ● Hills topped with Moorish castles and walled towns ● Enchanting old fishing villages and cosmopolitan seaside resorts ● The impossible stone lace of Manueline architecture ● Buildings and walkways lined with blue and white azulejo tiles ● The Douro Valley and port wine ● Baroque palaces and medieval convents ● Warm and passionate locals

Itinerary specifics subject to change.


The tour of Portugal was fantastic from start to finish. Our tour guide, Patricia, shared her extensive knowledge, passion, and love for Portugal and its people. She made the history come alive. From the tour of Lisbon to medieval cities, to vineyards and beautiful Porto, I don't see how it could have been any better. As always, it was a wonderful group of women to travel with. It amazes me how quickly we bond on these trips. I'll treasure my memories of Portugal. - Connie from Massachusetts

I have arrived to Portugal with a little knowledge of the country and left impressed by its beauty and achievements. The itinerary was excellent, including the cities and locations that had to be seen and could have been enjoyed by anyone. All the historical sight were impressive. Once again, as I had experienced on previous tours with S&S , the hotels and restaurants were carefully chosen for their location and quality. The transportation throughout the country was efficient and comfortable. Overall, I liked the Portugal tour with S&S and found it well worth it. - Alena from California

I was very happy with all aspects of the trip. The best experiences were the unexpected moments, hearing a street violinist in Lisbon, walking into a church in Obidos as they were preparing for a wedding, sunsets, etc. I was pleased with the quality of the hotels, wineries, food, etc. The buses were very comfortable and Patricia is a wealth of knowledge. – Sherry from Texas

The home hosted farewell dinner was the best experience. – Char from Nevada

The people on the trip were the best. It was also my birthday on our last night. We went to Angela’s sister’s home for a traditional dinner. We had a fantastic night with her family, their hospitality and helping to celebrate my birthday. It made me very proud of my Portuguese heritage. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to my next one. – Maureen from Massachusetts

Learning the history of the area was the best experience during the tour. – Lisa from Texas

Excellent tour – never thought Portugal would be such a beautiful country. Patricia, the local tour guide, was excellent. I could understand her very well. She’s a keeper for future tours. Christ the King and Lisbon Bridge were wonderful to see. The Tile Collection Museum was excellent!! – Kathy from Wisconsin

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to sign up, but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, along with all the wonderful ladies I met. I hope to travel with Sights and Soul again! – Christine from Ontario

The whole trip was wonderful. I enjoy these trips as everything is planned for me, and I see the things that should be seen at that destination. Portugal is a beautiful country to see. - Tiffany from Wisconsin

Most women only tour groups offer Portugal with Spain. For those of us who have traveled extensively one country in depth is preferred. So this tour was perfect. The lovely dinner with Angela and her family was truly special. Angela, the tour leader, was organized, efficient, but not bossy or overreaching. She was available and treated each person with kindness and respect. She is the best tour leader I’ve had. - Valerie from New Jersey

Angela was wonderful! Kind, patient, but kept us organized and on time. She is very generous, and I enjoyed her personal comments on her experiences. Patricia, the guide, delivered fabulous information with great insight and great knowledge of Portugal. I was also extremely pleased that there were only 2 hotels with several nights at each. “Hotel hopping” would have ruined a tour. Private transfers from and to the airport are a real stress reliever, too. I forgot to mention getting to meet other women! Great fun in a small group! - Naomi from Vermont

This was my second tour traveling with Sights and Soul and I can’t rave enough about how well the tour was organized. The People of Portugal, the food and the hotels were all wonderful. I enjoyed listening to our local guides explaining the history of Portugal and Angela was wonderful, well organized and very helpful in making suggestions for places to visit during the free time. Wonderful tour, can’t say enough of this! - Sonia from New York

I really enjoyed all 3 tours: wonderful guides, great food, everyone got along well, a memorable experience. So glad I did these 3 (Morocco, Spain, Portugal) in a row. In many cases, history just flowed and connected from one to the other. Marta, Kerry and Angela were all great tour leaders, each with a different personality and style of leading, but all equal in greatly enhancing their trip. - Andrea from Nevada

Every day was a new and wonderful discovery of Portugal’s history. Portugal is a beautiful place to visit: it’s clean, people are friendly, and the historical sights are astounding. I tell everyone about Sights and Soul. Got 2 people to sign up already. It is absolutely the best women’s tour group around. They take care of planning everything perfectly. Thanks Angela and staff. - Deborah from New Jersey

Lots of variety and something for everyone: fado music, wineries, religious sites, castles, seafood, cliffs and sandy beaches, shopping. How could you ask for anything more? - Donna from Texas

The tour was very well run and informative. Angela has a wonderful spirit. Her enthusiasm is contagious. - Gayle from Oregon

I am sad to leave Portugal! I have had a  wonderful time visiting and exploring the history, delicious  seafood and my favorite custard tarts (Nata!). Angela was a  lovely host and I had a very relaxing time! The quaint  coastal town of Cascais was my favorite! I could live there. Portugal was definitely the hidden gem which exceeded all my  expectations in a vacation destination! 
Muito Obrigada! beijihno and besos - Julie from California

Another perfect trip. Amazing sights, hotels in perfect locations, just the right group size, super food, terrific leader who comes from the region and speaks the language, etc., etc. Thanks Sights and Soul for giving me a chance to do what I like best - travel. I thought that that part of my life died with my husband, but thanks to Sights and Soul it didn't have to. You will never know how much it means to me and people like me. Thanks again. - Lynda from New Jersey

I loved visiting your home country. It is beautiful. I hope your other trips go as well as this one did! It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you. - Michelle from Maryland

This is my second tour with Sights and Soul and once again found it to be well planned and lots of fun. It is so much easier to relax when all the hard work is done for you. Yolanta does a great job. Thanks for loving what you do so well. It shows. - Janet from the Netherlands

The tour was well organized and I enjoyed that about both Sights & Soul tours I've taken. We visit the spots that are promised, the company is good and the suggested reading is on target. - Suzanne from Texas

It was an excellent tour. I enjoyed everything about visiting Portugal, there was a lot variety, the meals were great and all of the sightseeing was interesting and different. - Lynne from Michigan

I have fallen in love with Portugal! The place is just amazing and the people are so friendly. The entire trip from start to finish was just perfect, but my favorite was how we got spoiled when we stayed in Obidos. I loved how they brought fresh fruit and fresh flowers to my room every day and how they lit the candles on the patio at night. I really needed this trip to regain my footing, and now I am moving on with my life. - Sarah from Oregon

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Portugal's Silver Coast: The Perfect Women-Only Tour
"The food and lodging were just unbelievable," says Jackee Swartz of Pennsylvania, who took the Silver Coast tour. "At Obidos we stayed at the queen's castle. It just had enough rooms for the people on the tour, so we occcupied the entire castle." During each ten-day tour, S&S travelers stay at only two hotels, eliminating the need to pack and unpack. Barnes says staying in a town for four or five days makes visitors feel more familiar with the community. "It feels good when the owner of a small grocery store recognizes you and smiles at you," she says. The castle at Obidos has ten rooms, with balconies or terraces (one is a tower) overlooking the red roofs and white walls of the town."