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The Soul of Poland - Pre-reservation 2024

June 2024 (11 Days / 10 Nights)
This tour starts in Warsaw and ends in Krakow

 We are currently in the process of planning this tour. Once we have all the activities, dates, hotels and other details confirmed, and the pricing finalized, we will post a complete itinerary, including the price. If you would like to be notified of this tour's availability when the planning process is completed, please complete the pre-reservation form.

Krakow and the Tatra Mountain Tour

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People are mesmerized with Poland because of its unique blend of "fairytale come alive" scenery, warm and passionate locals and the ever-present sense of history. The Soul of Poland tour offers a rich insight into European history: the Teutonic Knights, the Golden Age of the Renaissance, the Art Nouveau movement, and the bleak years of communism, but this journey will also delight you with the natural beauty of its mountains and the picture-perfect countryside.

The quintessentially Polish city of Warsaw, rising like a phoenix rising from the ashes, rebuilt itself from the rubble of WWII to become a modern and sophisticated metropolis, gleaming with the cutting edge architecture and stylish design, elegantly dressed locals, rich cultural scene, art galleries, gourmet restaurants and sidewalk cafes everywhere. The past has not been kind to Warsaw, so the city is focused on the future. Yet Warsaw is full of history: since it became the capital of Poland in 1596, it suffered wave after wave of foreign invasions. The tragic remains of the past are still scattered among the new, dynamic architecture of the city and among its miraculously saved palaces and parks. With this blend of old and new, both in spirit and in appearance, the city is respecting the tradition, but it's optimistically racing towards the future. During our time in Warsaw, we’ll gain an insight into the city of complex, tragic and inspiring history, the city of Frederic Chopin and Marie Curie, the city which forged the enduring spirit of the Polish people. We’ll see the meticulously restored Old Town and the Royal Castle and the Lazienki Park enveloped in the music of Chopin. We’ll tour the 1944 Rising Museum and visit the Jewish sites of the city, then spend the day touring the exquisite Wilanow Palace and gardens.

Krakow is Poland’s most visited city, with a vibrant art scene in historic setting. Here, we’ll experience a world-class art on a personal level, attend Chopin's piano recital and Klezmer music concert. We'll visit underground labyrinths of a medieval salt mine, the splendid Wawel Castle, art galleries, museums and poignant synagogues. You will fall in love with Poland with its atmosphere of a constant celebration, its romantic sidewalk cafes, borderland medieval castles and Renaissance palaces. You'll delight in quaint, rustic landscapes of gingerbread cottages, storks' nests and roadside shrines bedecked with fresh flowers. The focus of the tour is history and architecture, but also creating lifetime memories and connecting with like-minded women travelers.

HIGHLIGHTS: Warsaw’s Old Town ● Jewish History Museum and Warsaw Rising Museum ● Chopin concert in Lazienki Palace Rose Garden ● Royal Palace of Wilanow and Palace of Science and Culture ● Krakow's medieval Old Town ● Frozen in time villages with rich folk traditions ● The ever-present sense of history ● The underground maze of Wieliczka Salt Mine ● The Jewish Kazimierz tour ● Communism Utopia tour of Nowa Huta ● Rafting in the Dunajec River Gorge ● Klezmer music performance and Chopin's music concert ● Paying respects at Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial (optional tour)

Itinerary specifics subject to change.

I thought the tour was fabulous. I really, really fell in love with Poland. Thank you for the wonderful time. 
Mary from Michigan
The best experience during the tour was meeting a fantastic group of well-traveled, open minded ladies who knew how to have a good time.  Marta was the perfect guide. Her Polish lessons were fun, and she was flexible and fun too, and so this tour beat all expectations. What a wonderful country! We were able to meet its people, experience the culture, history and some nature too. 
Diana from Washington

Poland was so much more than I thought it would be. It is not on most people’s travel list, and it should be.
Maria from North Carolina

Poland is a hidden gem. Marta is the best!
Kathy from Michigan

I loved everything! So much history! I am so glad I went since my father was born there, and this was the best trip ever. Marta and all the ladies were fantastic.
Barbara from Michigan

The tour was extremely well organized, offered unique experiences + had the exactly the right balance of activity and free time. Tour leader was excellent. I would definitely go back.
Barbara from Texas

Such a great tour!! Poland is a well-kept secret. Fascinating history, beautiful cities and countryside, delicious food, inexpensive shopping. Lovely group of women. And Marta is terrific! Warm, friendly and caring. I hope I get a chance to travel with her again.
Lynne from Massachusetts

Thank you for a fabulous trip, Marta is a wonderful guide and so was Greg, when my head clears I will write more (jet lag). You did not leave anything out. I have been on many tours this was one of the best. As were the guides.
Shirley from Maryland

I'm back in California... and sharing my memories of this most educational trip with friends and family.  Who would have thought that Poland is a culinary destination!  Marta did an outstanding job.... Everyone we met was friendly and hospitable.  Loved the variety of experiences we had....rafting, horse and carriage rides, major cities and the gorgeous Tatra Mtns....lots of history...
Marna from California

Poland was fabulous. I was always reluctant to go on a group tour, but this was more like traveling with a bunch of friends. Thanks for planning such an excellent experience and thank you so much to Greg, and of course Marta, for being such outstanding guides and travel companions.
Debby from Maryland

My trip to Poland was wonderful, and I had a great time. It was exactly what I needed last summer. Poland was beautiful and Krakow was a charming city. I hope I can return someday.
Lois from New Jersey

Thank you for the most wonderful vacation of my life! The tour in Krakow and the Tatra mountains was magical and inspiring. Poland is a country everyone must visit. You made my vacation educational and insightful.
Lori from Arizona

What a once in a lifetime experience! You made this trip just perfect. I love your country!
Sandie from Maryland

Yolanta: It has been a great tour! Thank you for all the laughs and fond memories.
Patricia from British Columbia

I had a wonderful time. I was very impressed with Sights and Soul Travels and your ability to change plans as needed.
Carolyn from Massachusett

Thank you for sharing with us your passion for Poland. I love how the tour was put together and I especially loved all the music.
Karen from British Columbia

You and Kasia rewarded us with unique, meaningful experiences in a diligently fostered atmosphere of caring and personal attention, enriching our lives with your infectious enthusiasm, your consummate knowledge of the history, art and culture of  the land - and, of course, the cuisine - each meal a delicious adventure! I should love to do another tour with you anywhere on this planet (or even outer space if that were possible) as I know you would be there for me, prepared to teach, to share, to exchange ideas and to enjoy many beautiful moments.
Lilian from Alberta

Thank you for bringing me to Poland. I have wanted to go for so long, and it was much better than I could've ever imagined.
Elizabeth from Maryland

Thank you for creating the most wonderful vacation I have ever had! The tour was just amazing and I really appreciate all your work to make sure every detail was covered for us. I can't wait to tell everyone I know about your business!
Carrie from Virginia

The trip was truly awesome. I will never forget the music, the architecture, the people, the beauty, and the excitement of Krakow and the majesty of the mountains, the peacefulness of the river raft and challenges met on our incredible hike in the Tatra Mountains. The food was delicious everywhere and the entire trip, start to finish was PERFECT! Thank you again.
Cathy from Maryland

We do a lot of traveling. We have traveled with many, many tour operators. S+S compares very favourably. Good planning info was provided. The guide was informed + welcoming, and she dealt with the inevitable “hiccup” very well. We would very much consider another S+S tour.
Kathy from Ontario

It was a wonderful and excellently planned tour of a beautiful and historic country. Good company, excellent tour guide and lots of fun. I will definitely consider S&S Tours for any future trips.
Rosemarie from Ohio

Thank you for this experience - I will never be the same.
Kathy from Pennsylvania

Again, I loved your tour the best and appreciated the combination of history, music and scenery. It was perfect in my opinion.  Thanks, Yolanta and Kasia!!!!
Karen from British Columbia

Thank you so much for this awesome experience. These past 10 days were filled with memories I will remember for the rest of my life.
Kylie from Maryland

Wonderful tour - great traveling with a small group. I felt like I received very individual attention.
Kenda from Tennessee

Thank you for making this journey a meaningful experience for me; for putting together a great group of women; and for giving us such a rich itinerary.
Lita from Ontario