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Through the Eyes of Women - Pre-reservation 2023

August 2023 (10 Days / 9 Nights)
This tour starts and ends in Lima

We are currently in the process of planning this tour. Once we have all the activities, dates, hotels and other details confirmed, and the pricing finalized, we will post a complete itinerary, including the price. If you would like to be notified of this tour's availability when the planning process is completed, please complete the pre-reservation form.

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Peru is a land of archaeological, cultural and natural treasures. From the soaring peaks of the Andes to the tranquil Lake Titicaca, from the magnificent Inca heritage to the Spanish conquistadors' colonial mansions, it fascinates with the allure of the ancient and the mysterious. Peru boasts the stunning legacy of the Incas and other sophisticated pre-Columbian civilizations, but it's also a place of brilliant hand-woven textiles, exuberant celebrations, exotic animals, and intriguing people.

The Sights and Soul Travels' exploration of Peru Through the Eyes of Women offers a look into the soul of the country and the role of women in Peruvian societies over the last two thousand years. We'll explore the grandeur of the cosmopolitan Lima, one of the world's culinary meccas, with elegant Spanish architecture and world-class museums. At Larco Museum, we'll discuss the role of women in pre-Columbian Peru with its curator, and at Barbosa-Stern collection, we'll meet with its founder and art restorer to talk about the artifacts that still bear a silent testimony to the power of past civilizations. While exploring the Sacred Valley, we'll meet the woman who devoted her life to the preservation of the native Andean weaving traditions, witness indigenous rituals and meet Andean artisans to gain an understanding of Peru's deep cultural roots. The highlight of any trip to Peru is visiting Machu Picchu. At its height, the Inca Empire was a highly developed civilization, as reflected by the magnificent remains of Machu Picchu. We'll enjoy the insight of an expert anthropologist guide, who will accompany us during this special visit. By staying overnight near the site, we’ll awake to the early morning sun bathing the stones in an evocative light and we'll be able to explore Machu Picchu without the crowds. Later, we'll tour the historic Cuzco, synonymous with South American lost civilizations, and see some of the most revered temples and architectural masterpieces of the Inca Empire. Finally, we'll unwind on a private island on the peaceful Lake Titicaca, where the snowcapped Andes provide a breathtaking backdrop to the deep blue lake, and where the top-hatted Uros people live on islands made of reeds.

HIGHLIGHTS: Cosmopolitan Lima with its culinary culture ● Fascinating pre-Colombian artifacts in Lima museums ● Peruvian weaving and native textiles ● Llamas and alpacas ● The mesmerizing indigenous rituals of the Sacred Valley communities ● Meeting with the indigenous Cuyuni community ● The Inca heritage at the mysterious Machu Picchu ● Revered Inca Empire temples and fortresses in Cuzco ● Staying at a former monastery in Cuzco ● Riding the luxurious Andean Explorer train through the Andes ● Exploring the reed islands of Uros, Taquile, and Amantani and meeting the Aymaras people ● Learning about the women of Peru

Itinerary specifics subject to change.


Each and every tour I take with Sights and Soul becomes my newest “Trip of A Lifetime”. This is my 4th Sights and Soul Trip and Peru and the tour did not disappoint! In addition, the friendships formed by the women traveling together are fantastic! – Julie from New Mexico

Marlene was GREAT! Her bubbly personality made it fun and she went far above the call of duty. Everything went so smoothly because she was so organized.  It was all hassle free. Great accommodations, lots to do, very unique experiences and the absolute best trip I have ever taken! I was so satisfied with the decision to make this trip. And Sights and Soul made it almost effortless! – Patricia from Arizona

The tour was very organized which maximized our exposure to Peru.  It really couldn’t have been better. The hotels and restaurants were great too. – Barbara from Nevada

I loved the tour, we saw a lot of interesting things (villages) that were off the beaten path.  I loved the Shaman, Machu Picchu, the reed islands. I liked the upscale accommodations which were nicer than I would have booked for myself, but a real treat. Marlene could not have been a better tour leader.  She was inclusive, fun, and on top off all the details. - Susan from Massachusetts

Dropping you a line to tell you that I thought the trip to Peru was a fabulous experience.  Just now sorting through pictures and remembering the journey. The "sights" we saw, the people we met, gave us a bird's eye view of the "soul" of the beautiful country.  Marlene was a great leader.  I also loved Yvette as a local guide who was with us for several days and Jean Jacques' honest approach to Machu Picchu. - Paula from Connecticut

Hotel selections: A+ / Tour Guides: A+ / Meals: A+ / Itinerary: A+ / Peruvian People: A+ - Phoebe from California

This was my third SST trip; I keep coming back because each experience surpasses the previous one.  Pre- and post-trip communication is always top-notch – very informative and inclusive.  The accommodations during our adventure are chosen with care and never fail to impress.  I think all of the activities planned were wonderful and truly helped us to see and experience Peru through the eyes of Peruvian women. - Heather from Maryland

Just wanted to let you know I'm so glad I chose this trip.  The pace was perfect, the accommodations were exceptional, and the visits to Isla Suasi, the Chinchero Textile Center and to the indigenous peoples will remain memories of a lifetime.  I found no other tour company with such a fabulous itinerary. Thank you for an awesome adventure! - Carole from Pennsylvania

This tour was one of the best travel experiences I have ever had. Everything was top-notch from the tour organization, leader + local guides, quality of accommodation + total experience. I compared a number of tour companies before deciding to travel to Peru with Sights + Soul. The quality of the experience – sites visited, guides, hotels, etc., provided good value. - Nancy from Ontario

I experienced so many wonderful new things it would be hard to single out one best thing. Each day brought something new. I had so longed to experience Peru that I just literally soaked it all up. Marlene was great! She went above and beyond what I thought a tour leader would do. In general, this tour exceeded my expectations! I learned so much and got to experience so much of the culture of Peru! - Rexanna from Missouri

Peru was the trip of a lifetime. Marlene was wonderful – could not have been better. I love traveling with SST.- Karen from Florida

The Peru trip was excellent. Marlene was awesome. Always looking out for us, addressed any concerns, and stayed calm in all situations. The entire tour was fantastic. The hotels were perfect and the agenda was packed, so I saw everything I wanted to see, too! - Julia from New York

I can’t say enough about the Peruvian trip. Marlene’s enthusiasm and the local guides made the trip very special. The Peruvian accommodations were excellent. The theme of Andean Women’s Culture was woven throughout and very evident. The visits to see the ancient native communities of Cuyuni and the Uros reed isles people were outstanding. The food was delicious (best & most consistent of any trips I can remember). The Andean scenery, animals and botanical flowers were a sight to behold. I took over 600 photos. We were blessed with very good weather. The group of ladies were varied and fun. I made some special friendships. I came home satisfied and a smile on my face that I had seen/learned everything I had expected and much MORE. - Lou from Florida

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Peru - the people, the food and the sights were fabulous.  On a side note, the hotel in Cusco was outstanding - I loved the blend of old and new. Marlene was a great tour leader.  She is patient, enthusiastic and always upbeat! Thank you for arranging such an interesting tour! - Pam from Alberta

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Peru: Andean Women's Culture. 
Peru: Seeing Andean Culture Through The Eyes Of Women

To many people, South America is a mystery that they may never unravel.  Between the many language challenges, fears and hesitations, it is unfortunate to miss such a huge range of great countries.  For some, though, it just takes the right tour operator and a willingness to trust that their experiences there will lead to a wonderful travel experience.  That’s what many of the woman who have traveled to Peru with Sights and Soul Travels say. “I experienced so many wonderful new things [in Peru] it would be hard to single out one best thing. Each day brought something new. I had so longed to experience Peru that I just literally soaked it all up. Marlene was great! She went above and beyond what I thought a tour leader would do. more