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The Living History of Israel - Pre-reservation 2024

March 2024 (9 Days / 8 Nights) 
This tour starts in Jerusalem and ends in Tel Aviv

We are currently in the process of planning this tour. Once we have all the activities, dates, hotels and other details confirmed, and the pricing finalized, we will post a complete itinerary, including the price. If you would like to be notified of this tour's availability when the planning process is completed, please complete the pre-reservation form.

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From the stones of Jerusalem to the waves of Tel Aviv's Mediterranean beaches, Israel has cradled the history of many faiths since the beginning of time. The Holy Land of Israel is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims. This is where the ancient history and the ancient religious texts come vividly to life, and few other places in the world offer so much to sustain the spirit, feed the intellect and stimulate the senses. Located where three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe meet, Israel is intense. Within its comparatively small territory, it reveals abundant riches, from cherished religious sites to well-preserved archaeological treasures and spectacular natural wonders. Not only the ancient Jerusalem, the Roman, Crusader, Greek, and Byzantine monuments, but also the youthful and dynamic Tel Aviv, the ultra saline Dead Sea, cool mountain waterfalls, gentle, vineyard covered hills and sweeping desert landscapes. The country's ethnic, religious and cultural mix is endlessly fascinating, and the people of Israel are warm, hospitable and passionate, representing a fascinating mixture of conflict and harmony, passion and serenity. This is the Promised Land to which Moses led the Children of Israel. This is where Abraham forged his covenant with God, Christ preached his sermons and Mohammed ascended to heaven.

During our exploration of Israel, we'll experience its parallel universes, where cultures, ethnicities and religions intersect, coexist and influence each other and where 5,000 years of human history converge. We'll start in Jerusalem, where we'll explore the Old City and get immersed in layers of its history: the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock, then we'll travel to the imposing Herod's fortress in Masada en route to the Dead Sea, where we can float in the salty waters, before indulging in a mineral-rich spa experience. We'll continue north to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, deeply rooted in the Christian tradition, where we'll tour the Christian and Jewish sites of the region: Nazareth, Capernaum, Safed, Haifa, Akko, and Caesareum. We'll visit a Druze religious community and learn about its customs, as we prepare lunch with the Druze women. We'll tour a boutique Israeli winery to learn about the local wine making process and taste the award winning wines. We'll end the tour in the vibrant and modern Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean with its beautiful beaches and cultural vivacity, Bauhaus architecture, seaside promenades, first-class restaurants and great shopping.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Old City of Jerusalem ● The Jewish heritage of Jerusalem ● Spa experience at a Dead Sea Resort ● The mountaintop Masada fortress ● Israeli cinema presentation ● The Roman city of Beit She'an ● Nazareth and the Church of the Annunciation ● Biblical sites in the Sea of Galilee area ● Capernaum and the Mount of Beatitudes ● Safed, the center of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah ● A culinary workshop in a Druze community ● Haifa's hanging gardens ● Ancient Crusader city of Akko ● Archeological sites in Herod's Caesarea ● Touring Israeli boutique vineyards and tasting organic wines ● Tel Aviv' Bauhaus architecture and Mediterranean beaches ● The old port of Jaffa

Itinerary specifics subject to change.


The trip was amazing, from the itinerary to the activities to the people, including fellow tourists, local guide, bus driver, and of course, Kerry. I LOVED the itinerary, especially how we started the tour in Jerusalem where the history of the country seemed to begin.  The sights were interesting and presented by an accomplished tour guide. Great, comprehensive, well integration of Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim religions. – Nancy from California

Overall very pleased with itinerary, hotels and locations. I felt well taken care of from the pickup at the airport to the end of the tour. - Patricia from Massachusetts

This was a great tour itinerary with beautifully chosen hotels. – Deborah from New York