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German Christmas Markets - Pre-reservation 2023

December 2023 (7 Days / 6 Nights)
This tour starts and ends in Munich

We are currently in the process of planning this tour. Once we have all the activities, dates, hotels and other details confirmed, and the pricing finalized, we will post a complete itinerary, including the price. If you would like to be notified of this tour's availability when the planning process is completed, please complete the pre-reservation form.

GERMANY - Christmas Markets

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Germany combines historical and cultural treasures in picturesque towns of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses with spectacular landscapes of imposing fairytale castles, snow-capped Alps, the meandering Romantic Road and the legendary Black Forest. The beautiful Bavarian cities of Munich, Nuremberg and the dreamy Rothenburg captivate visitors with their rich history, labyrinthine old quarters, medieval market squares and striking cathedrals. In December, they are transformed into a truly unique Christmas wonderland, which cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Escape the excessive commercialism of the holidays and experience a more authentic and intimate version of Christmas. Germany is the birthplace of most Christmas traditions, and the Advent season brings with it all of the traditional Christmas festivities, along with the Christmas markets that spring up in squares and streets of German towns. Hum along to the sound of carillon in Munich's Marienplatz, traditional Christmas carols sung by children choirs, played by brass bands and Alpine blowhorns. Shop for culinary and cultural treasures beneath a sky of twinkling fairy lights, talk to friendly artisans, breathe in the aroma of roasted chestnuts, gingerbread, cinnamon, almonds and freshly cut pine. Enjoy Bavarian roast duck Christmas dinner, delicious mulled wine, baked apples and Christmas pastries. Collect hand-made, quality gifts and ornaments in the charming markets of Munich, Nuremberg, Dinkelsbuehls and Rothenburg, as you enjoy the Christmas tradition at its very finest.

During the Christmas Markets tour, you'll experience the best of the German region of Bavaria. You'll marvel at towns sparkling with lights and the perfect little villages, meet friendly locals, share wonderful meals and enjoy live performances of traditional Christmas music. You'll visit Residenz Palace, the English Garden and sky reaching Gothic cathedrals in Munich, the medieval Old Town and the Christmas Museum in Rothenburg, Albrecht Durer's House, the German Museum and Craftsmen's Courtyard in Nuremberg, and the Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles.

HIGHLIGHTS: Munich's Marienplatz with live Christmas music performances ● Wittelsbachs' elegant Residenz Palace in Munich ● Nuremberg's Christmas lights and festivities ● Albrecht Durer's House in Nuremberg ● The medieval jewel Christmas town of Rothenburg ● The former Imperial City of Dinkelsbuehl ● King Ludwig's Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles ● Driving the Romantic Road ● Bavarian dancing, alphorn blowing, yodeling and polka at Hofbrauhaus ● Medieval quarters splendidly decorated for Christmas ● Enjoying hot mulled wine and roasted almonds ● The aroma of gingerbread and cinnamon filling the air ● Children choirs and rock bands singing Christmas carols

Itinerary specifics subject to change.


I enjoyed this tour very much. It really put me into the Christmas spirit and opened a new world of Christmas shopping to me. - Margaret from Washington, D.C.

If you’re finding the USA Christmas Season  with its gaudy decorations, and commercialism causing anxiety – the cure is to travel to Germany, where for hundreds of years they instill in you the wonder, awe, love and real meaning of the season – REBIRTH. Even if the religious aspect isn’t your cup of tea – the result is the same. – Karen from Connecticut

I loved my trip to Germany, the land and the people, a real history lesson. I wish I could have “one more day”. I not only loved the experience, but was also comforted by the instant friendships. It felt like a college reunion. - Launie from Oregon

Wonderful experience jam packed with interesting tours, time to explore on one’s own and picturesque towns and scenery. I would definitely travel with you again. - Pat from Virginia

I had followed S&S for a couple of years on FB and finally decided to book a trip 'last minute' for me as I plan usually six months, plus, ahead. I pride myself in being organized and detailed oriented and was very pleased that I "met my match" in what you delivered for information through the whole trip process and even before booking by way of how your website is designed with the information and now in the follow up email. I am very impressed with S&S and all of the kudos I have read on the FB page over the past two years are spot on.  Yolanda and her team run an incredible company.  You make me feel as if I am family from the time I booked the tour and only an exceptional company and people can do that...and you and the whole team are just that, exceptional. I have shared my positive experience even before the tour commenced and will continue to share as time passes. Since I already have a couple of personal trips planned for 2017, I shall be looking at the 2018 calendar of trips with much interest and enthusiasm. Thank you again and kudos to all on the team. - Dot from New Hampshire

Renata was the most gracious + knowledgeable guide. She made this experience a memorable one, and also did her best to accommodate everyone’s interests. - Diane from New Jersey

This trip was magical. Everything was decorated for Christmas, the markets are quaint and fun, it beats the “big box” stores, and it brought back the magic of Christmas. The food was amazing, and Sights and Soul has yet another trip not to be missed. - Tiffany from Wisconsin

Sights and Soul presents the best in travel experience for seeing, learning, participating and enjoying other women travelers while sharing together with other cultures. Just delightful! Sue from Kansas

Walking through castles was intriguing, the dining and hotels were superior, the Christmas markets atmosphere was magical, Renata was a fantastic tour leader, and the fellowship of new friends with like desire to travel made it a perfect vacation. - Cathy from Oklahoma

My first women-only tour – very unique and fun. What was the best experience? Everything! My sister and I had a ball sightseeing and being with everyone! Renata was great. Even when we had local guides, she always had something interesting to add. Smart lady! - Candy from Florida

It was all fantastic and Renata was fabulous. She made everyone comfortable, made sure to include and consider everyone's opinion and put everyone at ease. Being in Germany at Christmastime was like being in a real life Christmas card. - Tammy from New Jersey

This was my 1st time out of the US & the experience was great for a travel beginner. We were kept in the loop leading up to the trip & all concerns and questions were answered. Renata was Awesome! Loved It! I can’t wait for my next trip. - Shirley from California

I travelled with my daughter and we had a great time. We were on the go the whole time, and Renata made sure we were happy. She did this from the beginning to the end of the trip. She made us all feel like we were the only one traveling with her, and made every person feel welcome. I had no stress only enjoyment. - Elizabeth from Ontario

I thought that the way you organized the tour was wonderful, and I never expected to get such a large view both historically and from another perspective - I feel like I have seen so much, even though when I first saw your itinerary, I thought it sounded wonderful! - Frances from New York

What the Media Says About Us 

Sights and Souls Offers German Christmas Markets Tour
The Sights and Soul Travels’ Germany Christmas Markets tour takes place Dec. 3 to 9. Participants in the Germany Christmas Markets tour will experience Bavaria including a visit to the Residenz Palace, the English Garden, and the Gothic cathedrals of Munich; the medieval Old Town and the Christmas Museum in Rothenburg; Albrecht Durer's House, the German Museum, and Craftsmen's Courtyard in Nuremberg; and the Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles (the latter being the model for Disney's Cinderella castle). more

Women Who Love Christmas Will Want To Visit Germany's Christmas Markets
Women who love Christmas, who want to escape the commercialism of the holidays and experience a more authentic and intimate version of Christmas, will love the Sights and Soul Travels, LLC Germany Christmas Markets tour which takes place December 3 to 9, 2012. Germany is actually the birthplace of most Christmas traditions and the Advent season brings with it all of the traditional Christmas festivities including Christmas markets that spring up in squares and streets of German towns. more