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Antarctica Bridge Luxury Expedition Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions
February 3 - 12, 2025 

With so much that we'll be seeing and doing in Antarctica, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about where to start preparing for your Antarctica cruise. We are here to help. Below, you'll find some useful information, you'll need for getting ready for your Antarctician adventure.


Chile is in the same time zone as Eastern Standard Time in the United States from mid-May to mid-August; from mid-August to mid-May, Chile is 2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. 




Even though we'll be visiting Antarctica in summer, the weather here can be very changeable. First and foremost, it can get quite cold, so please pack the right Antarctica gear such as waterproof apparel, hats, gloves, warm winter clothing. Other than this, you must pack sunscreen and sunglasses especially since the sun’s rays can be harsher when they’re reflected off the white ice, snow, and water. Even though we will not be passing through the infamous Drake Passage, we may still encounter rough seas, so make sure to pack seasickness medicine which will be essential on your first days as you get accustomed to the boat/ship life. EXPEDITION GEAR: In order to get the best out of your expedition voyage, Silversea will make available all necessary equipment and gear needed so you can get the best out of your trip. This includes the outerwear and boots for Antarctica and a branded Silversea parka (yours to keep, as well as a backpack and water bottle for you to take home) when required by the itinerary. You will receive a detailed packing list about a month before departure.


To enter Chile, visitors from the US and Canada require a passport valid for 6 months past the expected departure date is necessary. Before entering Chile, you'll need to fill out a tourist card that allows visitors to stay for 90 days and must be presented to the Immigration Office when leaving the country. Please make sure to store it securely, so you can leave the country without any issues.

Since there is NO single country or government that owns nor controls Antarctica, visitors technically do NOT need visas. However, with the existence of the Antarctic Treaty’s Protocol on Environmental Protection, it requires visitors (who are citizens of countries that are signatories of this treaty: including the USA, Canada, EU, and Australia) to obtain a permit prior to visiting Antarctica. These permits will be obtained on your behalf by Silversea Cruises and Sights and Soul Travels.


This tour starts and ends in Santiago de Chile (airport code SCL).

The tour starts in Santiago, Chile on Monday, February 3, 2025. Depending on your location you will depart either in the morning of February 3, 2025 or in the evening of February 2, 2025. The Silversea's executive private transfer service will pick you up from your doorstep and transfer you to your home airport. Your international flight to Santiago, Chile is included in the tour's price (major airports only, otherwise an air credit and economy class only, otherwise an air credit). On arrival in Santiago, you will be met by a uniformed chauffeur for your private transfer to the city's top hotel.

This tour ends on Wednesday, February 12, 2025 in Santiago de Chile. We will arrive at Santiago International Airport from Punta Arenas in the afternoon of February 12. Your departing flight will most likely depart late in the evening on February 12, 2025.


The Antarctica tour group is limited to the maximum of 16 women + the Tour Director. The minimum group size is 11 women + the Tour Director. In addition to the Tour Director, the tour guests will be assisted by the Silversea staff (almost 1 :1 ratio of staff to cruise passengers) and expedition guides.


To avoid paying the single supplement, we will try to match you with a roommate. Otherwise, there are some single suites available on this tour, but since the price for a single suite carries a 50% surcharge, we expect that most of our travelers will be matched with a roommate. However, Sights and Soul Travels cannot guarantee roommate matching on the Silversea cruises.


Chile and Antarctica do not pose any major health hazards. No special vaccinations are required, but we advise you to speak with your doctor for medical advice before traveling to Antarctica and to be up to date on routine vaccinations. There are no poisonous plants or animals in Antarctica. However, the continent's ozone layer is thinner than anywhere else on Earth, so you'll burn a lot faster here. We recommend wearing sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses, even on cloudy days. Pack prescription medications in your carry-on luggage and carry them in their original containers, with pharmacy labels, otherwise, they might not make it through airport security. Carry the generic name of prescription medicines, in case a cruise ship pharmacist is unfamiliar with the brand name.

Depending on the sea conditions, you may get seasick during the Antarctica cruise, especially if the seas are rough. Some people surprisingly have no problems while some only experience seasickness for a short time. We recommend using both Sea Bands and sea sickness medication, which will also be available on the ship.


Chile is one of the safest countries in Latin America, with little political unrest, corruption, or violent crime. Foreigners in Chile are generally treated kindly, and a traveler's principal concerns are pickpockets. We'll be in Santiago, Chile for two days, and the rest of the time will be spent onboard the Silversea Silver Endeavour in Antarctica.

Antarctica is not dangerous, but it is an extreme environment and accidents are impossible to rule out. You should make a realistic evaluation of your well-being before deciding to make the trip (for example, the ability to stay balanced on a zodiac boat when getting on and off the ship to avoid slipping or falling). 

However, you should consider that the weather in the Southern Ocean is unpredictable. Modern ships and cruises are able to withstand the forces of nature, and the Silversea Silver Endeavour crew has extensive experience and familiarity with operating in these conditions, but it’s imperative to attend the safety drills held before the start of the trip. If anything happens, there are several doctors on board, but should there be a need for a hospital, it will be days away and evacuation can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it's important to have good travel insurance to protect yourself from any sudden accidents.


To be able to fully enjoy the journey and participate in scheduled activities, you need to be able to frequently walk on uneven, rocky, icy or snow covered surfaces, uphill and downhill. Since this journey takes place in an untamed environment, there will be snow and ice on the ground and/or slippery conditions. You should be able to get in and out of zodiac boats, including wet landings. Overall, this journey is not strenuous, although it is filled with a multitude of diverse outdoor activities, some in the cold and windy weather of Antarctica.


The seasons in Chile are offset from North America by 6 months. Santiago enjoys Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers from November to March, with temperatures reaching up to 95°F on the hottest days.

Antarctic weather in February remains relatively warm and predictable following the January peak. The average temperature in Antarctica in February is 1° C (34° F) which exposes a rockier landscape. February is a very dry month with an average snow/rainfall of around 1mm (0 inches) in Vostok Station. It is also generally a sunny time of year with an average of 568 hours of sunshine in during the entire month.


All guests onboard Silversea Endeavour will be granted free, unlimited standard Wi-Fi for 1 device at the time. Standard Wi-Fi is provided at regular satellite speed, ideal for emailing, web surfing, chat or similar, but not suitable for video, audio calls, or streaming. Premium WI-FI access is available at an additional charge and is suitable for all kinds of applications, including video and audio call and streaming. Telecommunications via satellite is a significantly different experience compared to high-speed connections on shore. The signal travels in a similar manner to radio waves but at much greater distances. That is why onboard Internet access is inconsistent and cannot be guaranteed at all times. Satellite communications are also affected by weather and the ship’s location. On board, guests may make and receive phone calls, text messages and other select data services on their own cell phone. Guests will be billed by their home cell phone provider and calls or messages will appear as roaming charges on their bill. Before leaving home, you should contact your provider to confirm that a roaming agreement with Silversea has been established. Silver Endeavour is also equipped with a phone system that allows guests to make direct-dial calls from their suite whilst at sea. Calls will be billed to the guest’s onboard account.


Both 110-volt (U.S. current) and 220- volt (European current) outlets are provided in all suites, accommodating small appliances without the use of adapters or electric converters. A hair dryer is provided in each suite.


Antarctica is not a country, so it does NOT have its own currency. While onboard the Silversea Endeavour, cash, credit cards and travelers checks can be used. Upon embarkation, you will be asked to register your credit card number and expiration date, which must be valid through the final day of the voyage. All charges for services provided and products purchased onboard must be settled in cash (U.S. dollars), by travellers cheques in U.S. dollars, or the registered credit card before final disembarkation from the ship. A 2% transaction fee will be charged for all cash advances. Foreign transaction fees are possible Authorization holds may be made on credit card purchases.


All gratuities are included in the cost of the Silversea Antarctica cruise. During the pre- and post-cruise stays in Santiago, no meals are included, and when dining on your own, 10% is the customary tip for restaurants. Porters, chambermaids, etc. can be tipped CLP$1,000 per night (about $1.50 USD). Taxi drivers do not receive tips. At the conclusion of the tour, it is customary to offer your Tour Director a gratuity. We recommend $15 per person per day if you feel that her services enhanced your experience of visiting Antarctica.


While onboard, the Silversea Endeavour Boutique is located on Deck 5, and it offers a selection of designer fashions, perfumes and Silversea logo items. Toiletries and convenience items are also available for purchase. The boutique is closed whilst in port and on occasion due to local government regulations.

While hunting for souvenirs in Chile, keep an eye out for items made by the indigenous Aymara and Mapuche tribes; zampoñes (flutes), kultrunes (ceremonial drums), and palos de agua (rain sticks). Jewelry ranging from copper bangles to stunning lapis lazuli and Mapuche silverware is among the most popular items for visitors to buy in Chile. Lapis lazuli is only found in Chile and Afghanistan, and you can find the semiprecious blue stone set in silver. Always look for the deepest color stones, which are considered of superior quality. In Santiago, the area surrounding Patio Bellavista offers high quality stones and a variety of styles ranging from the simple to the ostentatious. Chilean wine is considered to be among the finest and best value of the New World wines. Do be careful about how many bottles you pick up during your stay; there are strict customs limitations on how much you can take home.