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2014 TOURS 
2015 TOURS 
Art and Politics in Washington, DC
Krakow and the Tatra Mountains, Poland
Venice and the Italian Lakes, Italy
Athens and the Greek Isles, Greece
Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
The Amazon Expedition, Brazil
Paris and Provence, France
Cape Town and the African Safari, South Africa
London and the English Countryside, United Kingdom
The Ultimate New York City
Lisbon and the Silver Coast, Portugal
Krakow and the Tatra Mountains, Poland
The Jewels of Eastern Europe
Dublin and the Emerald Glens, Ireland
Deserts and Oases, Morocco
Vienna and the Alps, Austria
Andalucia, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain
Athens and the Greek Isles, Greece
Geysers and Glaciers, Iceland
Ha Long Bay to Mekong Delta, Vietnam
The Secrets of Sicily, Italy
Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls, Argentina
North Island and South Island, New Zealand
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
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TOURS CALENDAR 2014 - 2015 

Eternal Land of the Rising Sun
October 24 -  November 2, 2014
Historically a land of sublime art, rich traditions, and unsurpassed natural beauty, Japan is also known for its dizzying modernity. Experience fascinating aspects of Japanese culture, from a traditional tea ceremony to staying in a ryokan, as you travel through this land of captivating contrasts on a journey through electrifying Tokyo to ancient Kyoto. Meditate in a Zen temple, ride the bullet train and delight in the natural beauty of Japan's gardens, the majesty of Mt. Fuji and a relaxing cruise on scenic Ashi Lake.
This custom designed women-focused tour will not be offered in subsequent years.

Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls
November 2 - 8, 2014

The sophistication and the fiery passion of Buenos Aires. Serenity and the magnificent nature at Iguazu Falls. Antarctic nature and glaciers in Ushuaia. Find Argentina's soul in the glamorous tango, excellent wines, nouvelle cuisine, Pampas horseriding and Gauchos. Enjoy tango lessons, cooking classes and designer shopping.

Through the Eyes of Women
November 12 - 22, 2014

Discover the mysterious Inca Empire, as you travel through time to the spectacular Machu Picchu, suspended in the sky. Experience the colorful traditions of this Andean region, the untouched nature, ancient cultures, culinary delicacies and the rich in cultural history of Cuzco, the Inca Empire. Sail upon the expansive Lake Titicaca, the legendary birthplace of the Incas, and known for its traditional reeds craftsmen and take in the Amazon Rainforest, home to some of the most varied wildlife in the world. ONE ROOM LEFT


Christmas Markets
December 3 - 9, 2014
Experience the true Old World charm and heart-warming Christmas traditions, as you explore the Advent markets held in towns and villages throughtout Germany. Visit the modern Berlin, baroque Dresden, and medieval Munich, as you enjoy the romance of train travel, history, food, music and fairytale snowy landscapes. 


The Amazon Expedition Cruise
January 5 - 10, 2015
This unforgettable journey into the Amazon wilderness is a private expedition on the Earth's mightiest river and into pristine areas penetrated by only a privileged few. Sail aboard a luxury expedition ship which docks along the river shore, where experienced naturalists take you into the orchid-festooned rainforest, full of exotic fruit, rare birds and animals, including the pink Amazon dolphin, three-toes sloth, caiman and squirrel monkeys.


Cape Town and the African Safari 

January 14 - 23, 2015

Enjoy the cosmopolitan Cape Town, with rugged beaches, Table Mountain, African penguins, Cape of Good Hope, and wine touring. Then spend time at a luxury private game reserve in the Sabi Sand area of the Kruger National Park on a world-class safari and track the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino). This tour is guaranteed to become a highlight of your life. ONE ROOM LEFT


Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park
January 23 - 28, 2015

See the magnificent Victoria Falls up close from the Zimbabwean side, enjoy the Zambezi River sunset cruise and the Boma dinner experience with African dancing, drumming and entertainment, while staying at the magnificent safari lodge overlooking the endless expanse of the African savannah and the watering hole with visiting monkeys, baboons, warthogs and elephants. Then continue to Botswana’s Chobe National Park, famous for its large herds of elephants and zebras and enjoy the unique river safaris conducted in boats as well as in jeep while staying at a luxury safari lodge on the banks of the Chobe River.


North Island and South Island
January 29 - February 9, 2015
Discover the world's most stunningly diverse landscapes in the Paradise of the Pacific: from subtropical beaches and lush vineyards to geysers, mossy forests and dramatic fjords. Experience the native Maori culture, take a cruise across Milford Sound, ride the TranzAlpine train through Mount Cook National Park with waterfalls, geysers, surreal green and the Lord of the Rings scenery.


Hidden Treasures and Beaches
February 11 - 21, 2015
Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is Asia at its most welcoming. From cosmopolitan Bangkok and jungle elephant safaris to cooking classes, long-tailed boat rides and stunning beaches, you'll be immersed in exquisite experiences that reveal the magnificent culture of this land. You’ll experience the traditional Buddhist rituals, the exotic hill tribes’ customs, tranquil islands, lush rainforests, bamboo rafting, superb cuisine and fabulous artistic achievements. Optional tour to Luang Prabang, Laos (February 21 - 24, 2015).


Serengeti Great Migration Safari
March 10 - 16, 2015
Witness Africa's legendary "Circle of Life" on daily safaris following the giant herds of elephant, zebra, antelope or wildebeest across the Serengeti Park with the backdrop of snowcapped Mt. Kilimanjaro, as lions and cheetahs lounge in the shade. Visit a local Maasai village, descend to the floor of magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, and see the Olduvai Gorge, the "cradle of humanity,” before flying to the Arabian-infused Zanzibar with its beaches and worldwide reputation as the Spice Island. Optional Tour Zanzibar Island (March 16-21, 2015).


Deserts and Oases
April 1- 12, 2015
​Experience the exotic beauty of Morocco, as you ride camels from a lush oasis to a Berber camp in the Sahara Desert, take a Moroccan cooking arts class, stay at luxury riads and ancient kasbahs. Tour Majorelle Gardens, hike the High Atlas Mountains, indulge in Moroccan spa treatments, stroll the oceanside promenade of Casablanca, through medieval souks and medinas of Fez and the palm groves of Marrakech.


Andalucia, Madrid and Barcelona
April 13 - 22, 2015

Explore the enchanted and culturally diverse Spain as you tour the architecturally stunning Barcelona, the artistic and royal Madrid and the perfectly medieval Toledo. Then relax on the achingly beautiful Mediterranean beaches of Costa del Sol, give in to the drama of flamenco, the Andalucian white towns, the Moorish architecture of the Alhambra Palace in Granada and Seville's Alcazar.


Lisbon and the Silver Coast
April 23 - May 2, 2015

Enjoy the magical landscapes of glorious beaches rimmed with golden cliffs, Moorish fortresses and Knights Templar castles, fairytale walled towns, baroque palaces and fantastical Manueline architecture. Attend a fado music performance, paint ceramic tiles following the Moorish patterns, visit Fatima and Sintra, and indulge in amazing Portuguese seafood and wines.


Masters and Artisans tour to Holland and Belgium
May 3 - 11, 2015
Fall under the spell of the glorious Dutch springtime, with colorful carpets of tulips and imaginative flower displays, beautiful cathedrals in fairytale medieval cities, windmills set in green, lush countryside, and the romantic canals lined with traditional houses. View magnificent art collections of Amsterdam, cutting-edge architecture of Rotterdam and Delft pottery, taste local cheeses and chocolate and discover the uncommon beauty and the history of the Netherlands.


The Ultimate New York City
May 10 - 14, 2015 

Experience the ultimate New York City: tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rockefeller Center, take a private architectural walking tour, watch a Broadway musical and enjoy a classy jazz dining cruise around the night-time Manhattan. Take a carriage through the Central Park and enjoy an elegant luncheon on the lake. Visit the 9/11 Memorial, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and explore the culinary delights of this cosmopolitan city.


Athens and the Greek Isles
May 16 - 25, 2015

Encounter history where it was made while enjoying the paradise surroundings of the Aegean Sea. Tour the Acropolis, the Agora and the ancient temples of Athens. Then, sail on a private yacht and walk on the volcano of the mythical Atlantis, as you enjoy the black sand, the azure seas and the spectacular sunsets of Santorini. From your base at a luxury resort, discover the Minoan civilizations, the beaches, foods and wines of Crete. This tour can be extended by one day for an optional tour of Crete's Most Beautiful Beaches (May 25 - 26, 2015)​​THIS TOUR IS FULL - WE ARE ACCEPTING STANDBY RESERVATIONS


Paris and Provence
May 27 - June 5, 2015

Fall in love with Paris, the City of Light, as you visit the Notre Dame, Louvre and Versailles. Take a cruise on the Seine and a culinary gourmet walk through the Left Bank. Enjoy a Moulin Rouge show and dinner atop the Eiffel Tower. Then travel to a luxury villa in Provence and visit Avignon, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Pont du Gard, Provencal villages and vineyards. Take a wine appreciation class and a private cooking lesson. THIS TOUR IS FULL - WE ARE ACCEPTING STANDBY RESERVATIONS


The Jewels of Eastern Europe (Budapest, Vienna and Prague)
June 3 - 12, 2015

Experience the spa culture of Budapest, the champagne night-time cruise on the Danube and the mighty Buda Castle. Then travel to Vienna, immersed in the Old World elegance, Viennese pastries and coffee, Mozart and waltz music and the mighty Danube weaving through it all. End the tour with the dreamy cityscape of Prague's winding lanes, stone bridges and delicate spires, set in the legendary Bohemia. Enjoy the best in classical music, Art Nouveau architecture, and the Black Light Theatre.


Geysers and Glaciers
June 15 - 21, 2015
True North Optional Extension
June 21 - 24, 2015

Enjoy hip Reykjavík with its vibrant music scene, the beautiful Blue Lagoon, boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, glaciers and waterfalls in this Northern adventure playground and geological marvel. Iceland's breathtaking landscape is an inspiration to artists and photographers and it spells its magic with pure, unpolluted and truly magical landscapes. 


Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast
June 24 - July 2, 2015
Discover the Pearls of the Adriatic: the white marble Dubrovnik, facing the sea and surrounded by formidable walls, Split with Emperor's Diocletian Palace and the medieval Trogir. Make silk with local women, visit the lavender covered island of Hvar, stroll among the blue-green terraced Plitvice lakes and waterfalls and sail among the lemon-scented Adriatic islands with tiny, red-roofed villages spilling to the sea.


Krakow and the Tatra Mountains
July 15 - 23, 2015

Delight in the unique blend of "fairytale come alive" scenery, warm and passionate locals and the ever-present sense of history. Visit Renaissance palaces and medieval castles, attend Chopin's piano recital and Klezmer music concert, enjoy world-class art, the underground salt mine and the communism utopia tour, the spectacular Tatra Mountains, colorful Highlander culture and excellent cuisine. 
Old and New Warsaw Optional Tour (July 11-14, 2015); Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial Optional Tour (July 23-24, 2015)


London and the English Countryside 
(This is a Mother-Daughter recommended tour)
July 17 - 25, 2015
Enjoy the urban chic of London, sprinkled with the magic of royalty, art and gardens. See a West End theatre play, ride on the London Eye, tour the Tower of London, the British Museum, and take the Thames River cruise. Then venture to the picture perfect Cotswolds, discover the hidden Oxford, look for Jane Austen's heritage in Bath and visit the prehistoric Stonehenge. 


Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands 
July 26 – August 5, 2015
Discover the stunning natural beauty of Scotland’s Highlands and the historically evocative cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Explore the Scottish Highlands, stopping at Loch Lomond and the historic Glencoe. Enjoy the Isle of Skye in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, travel along Loch Ness to the charming city of Inverness and explore the haunting ruins of Urquhart Castle, historic Culloden Moor, and the medieval St. Andrews. Tour the 18th-century Georgian "New Town", the medieval "Old Town," the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, and appreciate Glasgow’s unique architecture.


Dublin and the Emerald Glens
August 5 – 14, 2015

Steeped in the mist of history and woven into a rich tapestry of arts and literature, Ireland offers magnificent landscapes of vibrant mossy hills and dramatic coast strewn with castles, prehistoric monuments and manor houses, as well as a fascinating Celtic heritage. Follow in the footsteps of Irish writers in Dublin, see the wind-swept Cliffs of Moher, the rock-encrusted Burren, the translucent Killarney lakes, the spectacular Ring of Kerry seascapes, then join in a singalong in a local pub. 


Vienna and the Alps
August 15 - 23, 2015

Experience the Old World elegance with Viennese pastries and coffee, waltz music and the mighty Danube weaving through it all. Then tour Salzburg's opulent palaces and foreboding castles, set against the majestic background of the Alps, the crystal lakes and lush meadows. Attend a Mozart concert and Lipizzaner stallions show, hike in the Alps, cruise the Blue Danube and taste new wines in Vienna Woods. 


Paris and Provence
August 2015

Fall in love with Paris, the City of Light, as you visit the Notre Dame, Louvre and Versailles. Take a cruise on the Seine and a culinary gourmet walk through the Left Bank. Enjoy a Moulin Rouge show and dinner atop the Eiffel Tower. Then travel to a luxury villa in Provence and visit Avignon, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Pont du Gard, Provencal villages and vineyards. Take a wine appreciation class and a private cooking lesson.


Venice and the Italian Lakes
September 2015
See La Scala and the Last Supper in the uber-chic Milan. Relax at the romantic Lake Como, with Bellagio, opulent villas, tropical gardens and the majestic Alps. Visit Juliet's hose in Verona and fall in love with the magical Venice: the mysterious canals filled with gondolas, Piazza San Marco, Doges' Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, sumptuous palazzos along the Grand Canal, La Fenice and the glorious Venetian art. Marvel at stories of forbidden love as you ride the gondola, listen to Vivaldi or watch Murano artisans produce glass masterpieces. 

Classic Tuscany
September 2015

Spend an idyllic vacation in Tuscany, as you discover the glorious towns of Siena, Florence, Cortona and San Gimignano. Enjoy the sun, the verdant hills covered in vineyards, the wines and the amazing food. Stay in a lovingly restored luxury Tuscan villa in the Chianti hills, attend a private Tuscan cooking class and spend your days marveling at countless art treasures, perfect vistas and the unique magic of Tuscany. 

Insider's Rome
October 2015

Enjoy the city of the Caesars and la dolce vita, long sunny days, endless art galleries, fountain-splashed piazzas, flower markets and gelato. Tour the ancient monuments of the Roman Empire, explore cobbled medieval streets and Renaissance domes set the stage for great wine bars, fabulous dining, sidewalk cafes and uncomparable shopping. Take insightful tours of the Vatican, Galleria and Villa Borghese and Emperor Hadrian's villa in Tivoli. 

Amalfi Coast
October 2015

Dramatically beautiful, wild, daring and romantic, the Amalfi Coast defines an Italian luxury escape. Marvel at the dramatic Amalfi coastline with aquamarine waters, steep cliffs and lemon groves below the Vesuvius, tour Pompeii and Naples and the romantic island of Capri. Take a cooking class in the unique setting of Ravello, walk through the fragrant gardens of Positano, suspended over the sparkling sea, tour the Greek temples in Paestum, and take a private boat tour of secluded beaches, coves and grottoes of the Sorrento Peninsula. 

The Secrets of Sicily
October 2015

In many ways, Sicily is the ultimate Italy. Rich in art, archaeological treasures, history, creative cuisine and the breathtaking Mediterranean scenery, the island has been the crossroads between Europe and Africa for centuries. Sicily is warm, golden, and sprinkled with blindingly white Greek temples. This is where Archimedes taught, St. Paul preached and where the omnipresent Mount Etna made history.


Deserts and Oases
October/November 2015
​Experience the exotic beauty of Morocco, as you ride camels from a lush oasis to a Berber camp in the Sahara Desert, take a Moroccan cooking arts class, stay at luxury riads and ancient kasbahs. Tour Majorelle Gardens, hike the High Atlas Mountains, indulge in Moroccan spa treatments, stroll the oceanside promenade of Casablanca, through medieval souks and medinas of Fez and the palm groves of Marrakech.


Ha Long Bay to Mekong Delta 
November 2015

Sail among the thousands of limestone islands of Ha Long Bay and across the Perfume River, stroll by peaceful pagodas and Buddhist monasteries, watch colorful floating markets of the Mekong River Delta and enjoy a private cooking class. Discover the many aspects of the French colonial Hanoi and the vibrant city of Saigon. Optional Angkor Wat TourCambodia.


Pyramids and the Nile
November 2015

Embark on the voyage of a lifetime as you tour the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, the Pyramids of Giza and camel trek past the mystical Sphinx. Visit the legendary Alexandria and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, then board a luxury Nile ship and sail to the temples of Karnak and Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel. Study the mysterious realm of the pharaohs and their hieroglyphics, as you visit their colossal monuments and elaborate tombs.

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